Wanted her licked

I know all of you are going to call BS on this story but this is just how it went one weekend night.
I used to always read the ads on CL personals hoping to find a real woman on there but all I ever could get was a guy now and then coming over and giving me a blow job. I was not to picky because it was still better than having a girlfriend bugging the crap out of you. So I was reading other sites and letting some new ads populate and when I went back to them there was an ad posted by supposedly the husband with a picture showing a woman with her ass hanging out of a cut hole in what looked like a temporary wall built into a doorway. The ad read something like come lick her pussy you want. I replied right after reading it because for one the ass looked really nice and she was somehow seated way up at like chest level so it was an oral only kind of deal with absolutely no anal play except licking.
The reply came back within minutes and there was an address given, I was thinking the whole time while I looked up the location on maps, it was a really nice looking house in a nice part of town like five miles from me. I replied back that I was only about ten minutes away and was heading over.
The first reply with the address had instructed me to walk thru the side garage entrance door and her pussy was on the left against the doorway. I drove over there trying not to get my hopes up to much and when I pulled along the front of the garage I saw the walkway going to the side of the house. I walked down there and sure enough the door was not locked and I walked inside, there in the doorway was a woman's ass pushed out with her legs bent inside the wall. I told myself no fucking way this is happening but the only thing in the garage was two cars and some shelves. I kept looking around thinking any second some guy is going to jump out and smack me with a baseball hat but there was no one. I walked up to her and put my face right up to her then stopped again and looked around, if someone was watching me I am sure they were laughing pretty hard.
I started touching her then licked her from bottom to top and pretty much after a few minutes had my tongue buried into her and licked her really good. Her anus was just a gorgeous little star and she was bald and smooth, could not have been past her twenties based on her skin. I was trying to see inside just above her torso but it was dark and she was in the hole pretty tightly. She could have done this all herself if she was pretty industrious but I had not doubts that there was someone watching me on a hidden cam or something because she was a hot for sure given her ass. I could hear her moaning and having her first orgasm, it was real as her pussy pulsated against my face. I did not want her to get over stimulated so I went back to licking her ass out and then went back up after a few minutes, she came a lot that evening and I got to lick her for a good hour.
She finally was calling out to me that she was done and could not take anymore licking, I backed up not wanting to get her upset but her ass just sat there without pulling inside. I kept staring at her soaked pussy and wet anus for a few seconds then walked out, it had been the best sex experience in a while for me and I hoped as I started my car that it would happen again but so far they have never emailed me.

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  • We miss CL, completely believe it, my wife would let most clean guys lick her pussy. From time to time she would post an ad. It's really just timing. From posting, to picking, to setting up play, then we deleted the ad. It could only be up 15 minutes on weekend nights. One horny wife per thousands of horny men... lol

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