Is my wife cheating

I am very worried that my wife may be cheating; she recently moved jobs and has mentioned in passing that she is one of the only women working in her department. She has started to dress more daringly for work with tight skirts, low cut tops and heels. I have mentioned this and she says the new job is more customers facing and this is the expectation of her boss. She is away quite a lot at conferences with her new company and it was after one of these trips that I noticed that she started to behave differently in the bedroom. We have gone from routine sex with the lights out, to lights on wild naked sex, where she is taking the lead. I am loving the change, but worried that this all stems from an affair with a co-worker, or one of her clients, I am reluctant to ask too many questions, as I love her and don’t want to lose her to someone else.

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  • Time for the bubblegum test. Sneak a piece of chewed up bubblegum up into her vag before she goes to work. If she is fucking around, it will be gone when she gets home.

  • Research cuckolding. Then tell her you've heard about this and that plenty of men swear that nothing is hotter. Ask if it's a 'thing' and whether she's heard anything about it and what she thinks of it. Watch her reaction very carefully.

  • Dude, ask away. All's fair in love and war! Just remember two can play that game. Confront and acknowledge the change with leading, open ended questions. I suspect she has at least one other side bang, maybe more but you'll have to discern. My wife went through something similar when she went back to work. I went through similar scenario but even before it came up I had decided it was going to be splitsville for us and just needed an excuse. She was going all empowered on me just when the company Christmas party came up. It was for spouses and couples and the ladies at work wouldn't leave me alone. She found out several of these gals were swingers and wanted me bad. That made her change her tune real quick. Turned the tables on her having a bit of fun on the side and had fun while that lasted. You could do the same if you played your cards right.

  • We need to accept that women are wired this way and can’t help responding to flirting and male attention. I would assume that a very high percentage of wives have cheated at some time in their married life. Often unintentionally, but if the circumstances are right, or alcohol is involved they may be tempted to stray. My wife confessed to me that she had drunken sex with a guy she met on her Bachelorette party, just a week before we were married. We are still together despite this as her honesty strengthened our trust in eachother.

  • Before you take any action, you have to consider the options you have when the truth comes out. It sounds as if her new found confidence in the bedroom is a good thing, which you are clearly enjoying.
    She has probably found the excitement of the job change empowering and as the new girl, she will have attracted the attention of her new colleagues making her feel special and desirable. If we assume that she may have had a sexual relationship with a co-worker or client, it depends on whether you can accept sharing her, but up your game to ensure that she enjoys exciting sex with you which may ensure that she stays. On the other hand if you find the betrayal too much to handle then you may have to consider letting her go.
    If this were my wife, I would sit down with her and explain that I could accept if she needed additional sex with other men, but instruct her to bring them back to the house and enjoy the excitement of a threesome together. At least everyone gets what they need and there is no deceit.

  • If it were my wife I would think something is up here. I also would lay low, not question to much and roll with it. Sooner or later all you need to know will come out without you digging into the drama. That is what I am doing in my situation.
    My wife and I work together. She is absent from the office at the same time everyday for 1.5 hours to do "errands." This has gone on for about a year now.
    At home she stays naked for me and sexes me everyday. I have been tempted to follow her but I am leaving it alone and have my great home life.

  • Smart man. When I’m done with her I send her back to you all lubed up with cum ready for your turn

  • If you have to ask this question you know the answer. She has turned into a work slut and you know it. When she gets home look for cum crusted panties

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