A Great Job

I started a new job and had several employees working under me. Over a period of time I had to hire a couple more employees. There was this one young lady (lets call her Joan), that came in for an interview. She was a blond about 5'4" and a little on the chubby side, with a nice set of tits. We talked and the conversations was every interesting and the interview went on for almost 2 hours. During this time I could not believe that I was thinking of having sex with her. Wanted to how good she really was. But I'm married and this is my job, I can't think of doing this. But, I hired her. After 18 months, there was a conference which we had to attend. When I showed up at the front desk My card was not working. Called the wife and after a long period of time my card worked. I was upset over this and just wanted to get to my room. On the way I was passing this bar where some of my employees were hanging out having drink. They called me over and bought me my first drink. Joan text me and said looks like you need a hug. I texted her back and said I need more than a hug. Her reply was, " I'm multi orgasmic and love bondage". I was pissed at my wife and said to myself why not you've been thinking of fucking her since the interview. I looked at her and smiled and text her back "after this drink". We went to my room and spent that night and the next three nights fucking our brains out.

Upon returning to work it didn't end. We had sex in the conference room, the storage room, my office on my desk, sometimes she would be under it and surprise me. Then she would unzip my pants pull out my cock and suck me until I shot my load down her throat. One day I had her legs spread wide on my small conference table in my office when the door opened an another young Cuban lady (Maddie) walked in on us. Thought the door was locked but under the heat of the moment it didn't close all the way. She just stood there not saying a word watching us. I noticed her with a smile on her face and a hand between her legs rubbing herself. I didn't know what to say at that moment, but pulled out faced her and said " you want some of this?" Which she said yes. Had her closed the door tight and to come over to us. So I a sked her what she likes. I figured she would say my cock, but she blurted out I love anal sex. So I told her to lick Joan's pussy as I fuck her ass. She did not hesitate at all and started to eat all the pussy her mouth could get. I pounded away at her ass what seemed for ever. She came at the same time I shot one heck of a load. The two of them started kissing and enjoying each other. I just sat there watching them kiss and eat each other as my cum was dripping out her ass. It was a wonderful time at work and at conferences for the remaining 6 years that I was there.

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