My boyfriend Gary

My husband has been screwing his younger secretary while on interstate conferences for about three years they go away every other month for at least a week I often find her cloth's and lingerie in my husbands port but have said nothing I just put it in the wash iron the cloth's and leave everything in his underwear draw so he can take it to work for her.
We really love each other and have a fantastic life including sex so I just sort of ignore/tolerate it, I have met her she is really sexy, smart and obviously a corporate climber so will not be with him too long till she moves on.
I have been having lunch, playing up to and getting quite close to a wonderful young shy country guy 20 that has moved into his parents apartment next door they are away for two years he has only been in town 3 months and works as an assistant at his uncles legal firm but know's no one so I am virtually his only real friend, we flirt, kiss, cuddle and pat each other's bum when we meet and part I also now put my leg against his crouch because he always gets a horn whenever we meet, he has a great cock it is larger and thicker than my husbands, I now know he is a virgin so I am going to break him in when my husband next goes away that is next Saturday we will have a whole week together it will be so fantastic, I am going to put a couple of Gary's bikini style underwear in my husband's case so he should get the idea of what's going on at home.
Cannot wait to get that nice big cock in me and teach my new toyboy everything about love and sex

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  • Do it. If your husband can do it, so can you! Teach that young man how to eat your sopping wet pussy properly and how to fuck you good and proper too. Suck him off first so you can get that first orgasm out of the way so that he can fuck you longer and really pound it to your pussy just right. I hope you have a great time. Suck a load out of him while he sniffs your wet panties. Put your fingers in your cunt and let him lick all the juices off of them. Make sure you let him blow his load in your mouth, and swallow it all. He will never ever forget you, I guarantee it

  • We had a great introductory session, nice meal couple of wines then I got him undressed and gave him a blow job yes swallowed it to start things off then just progressed, he is shy and clumsy but that is only to be expected, it is great that he can stay with me while my husband is away he really has a great body, wonderful prick and he is real nice to boot plus I love him not having to wear a condom and he likes that too, he is always so very horny when I am around.
    My husband sent me a text telling me that my boyfriends underwear was packed in his port and hoping that we had a great time while he was away.
    Everything is great I am sure we will talk when he returns and get everything out in the open about Garry and even about his secretary Robin

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