For my fellow white ladies

Girls, I wanna ask a question to my fellow white girls out there. Im 25 and i recently started dated my first black guy.he is 26, very dark and tall. He is a bit of a gangster. He has a monster cock. I have the best sex I ever have with him. I love how he is so dominant, controlling and aggressive during sex. My question is for those of you that dated a black guy. Where do you like him to cum? I like my guy when he cums in my mouth or inside me.

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  • I love it when my Black friend cum in me or on me. He's 17 and I am 23.

  • Wait til that bigger starts beating u!!!

  • Hope you like him and his friends running a train on you, hope you like gang bangs, hope you like being a nigger fucking whore.

  • Offensive.

  • You have to mix it up a bit? If/when he asks say"surprise me".

  • Well my man, doesn't like blowjobs, and he only cums inside me, first time we had sex, he took the condom off just before he came, and said it's his duty to fill my pussy. I've been with 3 blk guys so far, and all of them love to cum inside me

  • It matters because black guys have bigger dicks

  • Not true I'm white with a 3 inch hard penis what do you call that?

  • Actually that is just a myth, race has nothing to do with penis size. The average penis of adult males across all races is between 5.2 and 6 inches. You can find this in any medical journal . This is mostly a just another fetish and this confession was probably written by a man.

  • Mudshark

  • Why does it matter what race he is?

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