Tough decision

I got a really tough choice to make. Im 25 years old white female with a athletic body I love to go to the gym in my off time. Well Recently I met a black guy that just started working at the job where i work. He is a bit older than me, he is 35 years old and is more on the heavy side about 275 lbs id say. He Never married and no kids. We chilled a few times. He is very nice and funny. I never dated a black man, or really ever had one as a friend so it was different. He told me he never dated or been with a white girl. Well one night we hung out went for food came back to my place had a few shots, talked awhile, got really flirty with each other and shortly thereafter started making out. Which led to sex. I was surprised in his performance for a heavy guy. He was very dominate and controlling. He also had a very fat/thick cock. We started with me giving him a nice long blow job. Then I got on him fucked him for awhile we went to doggy for awhile after that he got on top of me and was really drilling me for awhile, he was grunting really loud and started humping faster and shouted out he was about to cum, I told him yes cum, he keeps grunting while keeping up his fast humping motion and asks me do you want me to cum in your pussy. I tell him yes I want you to cum in my pussy.i latched on to him very tight. He tenses up shoves his huge cock in me as far as it could go and explodes inside my pussy. It was an amazing feeling the force and power he shot his cum inside me. Sex was amazing.
We kissed passionately for awhile right after till we fell asleep. We woke up next day and started back up with our passionate kissing until I went low and started sucking on his cock and balls.I got on top him and started riding again. I had two orgasms while riding him. He wanted to do doggy so I got into position he gets his cock in and just fucks me with no mercy. Deep thrusts. Pulls my hair a bit while slapping my ass. He picks up speed as he puts his hands on my shoulders while deep thrusting. He tells me he is about to cum. I tell him cum inside that pussy at same time I orgasm. He keeps fucking me until he came in me again.
Sex with this guy is great, love working with him and hanging out with him. My tough decision is my family. They are against black people or having black people in family. But I wanna date him. And I don't think my family be down with it. Anyone else have a similar situation.

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  • Who cares about what your family thinks..... they are not banging you. Or are they? if yes, please tell :)

  • Sounds like the sex is electric, and if he has his other shit together, I'd keep dating him. Don't worry about your family. Fuck them and their racist attitudes. Love that man and live happily ever after.

  • If you don't get them to pay for some of my lifestyle expenses and give me some money I am going to kill you.

  • Black cocks look ugly just saying reminds me of a horse

  • And it isn't because they are any larger than anyone elses ; it's due to them just appearing to be acutely rancid.

  • Jealousy

  • Fuk off dog

  • This sounds like a black persons story because alot of white peoples are very excepting of blacks but colored people allways pull the color cards wake up humans are humans don’t matter the color its how the people treat you

  • STUPID LIBERAAL. They never learn until some n_i_gg_e_r victimizes them.

  • Lol you sound stupid.

  • How any of you can't see that a man wrote this, is beyond me.

  • Let's see ... you're 25. And who you pork is your family's business because...


  • Damn, woman. Don't you know that fucking a black guy is pretty close to beastiality? Might just as well go to the local zoo and spread eagle in the gorilla cage. There is a reason God put colored people on a totally different continent than whites. Not to mention that blacks are 300 times more likely to give you a STD than whites, and now your vag will be stretched out so wide that no white man dare go near that thing ever again. Also, do you really think a black man will get a job and help support your child when he knocks you up? And how the hell do you stand the negro smell? No, I'm not racist, I'm just preparing you for what your family might say when they find out you are fucking a nigger.

  • Excellent FACTS. You covered it well. Once a scumbag goes nigger, the word is out & no white man will get near the slob. No, as you say we aren't racist, we're realists.

  • Ignorant and offensive.

  • Ignorant? No, offensive? Hopefully.

  • Good burn.

  • Jealousy all over your post. Did a black guy take your woman? Lol

  • Like I stated, I am NOT a racist, and nor do I dislike Blacks. I was simply giving an example of what her family might might say to her, as she stated THEY may not approve of interracial marriages.

  • As your "example" was completely unnecessary and far too detailed, I am unchanged in my view of you as ignorant, offensive, AND a racist.

  • Sadly, the antecedent post depicts accurately how many DO respond. This in no way implies the spokesperson endorses anything [s]he represents such families as saying. Please recognize that distinction and just stop this.

  • So, in other words, you are just a typical liberal who has to label people with derogative names such as "racist", "bigot" or "ignorant", just because you are to intellectually challenged to comprehend the true meaning of what most other people say.

  • Yes, when they are being racist, ignorant bigots.

    Still unchanged in my view.

  • Too*

  • Politics on a porn site 😂

  • Is it so far fetched?
    Think of it this way ...

    The state is a whore.
    The ruling class is its pimp.

    The pimp belches.
    The whore's legs obediently spread.
    The proletariat is screwed.

    That's about all you need to explain politics!


  • Now that's politics I can believe in.

  • Do what makes you happy. Your family isnt the one enjoying the relationship. Do you.

  • It's 2018 and your family has a problem with you dating a black guy? WTF? Maybe I live in a bubble, but I can't fathom why this is still a roadblock for some people. The age gap and many other things should be a concerning, but not race. F-sake people are weird.

  • Exactly

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