I’ve chosen strange for this story because...
Rolling back many years I dated this guy when he ejaculated he showed no emotions or body language.
We dated for about 3 months and in that time I never knew when he was about to cum.
Occasionally he would say he’s about to cum but you could never tell buy what he was doing or face expressions.
It really was a turn off for me.

3 months ago


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    • Dude was a zombie. You witnessed the "zombiegasm". That's a telltale sign. Zombies can blow their load but it's all mechanical. They can't enjoy it. After all, they're dead.

    • My first wife was like that, We would fuck like animals and she would never make a noise at all. There would be no way of knowing if she was liking the sex or not. There were times she would make a sound but that was rare . The funny thing about it all was she loved getting into different positions and if possible she could go all night long and often did, she was always able to out last me . One night she made me cum 5 times and was willing to keep going.
      In those days I was much younger and could keep up with her. She also had a tight pussy and could milk me almost at will.
      The problem with all of this she started seeing other guys on the side, our sex was never enough for her so she sought out other men . The tip off was the two abortions she had from other men , that was the last straw.

    • A cock will stiffen and pulse when it is going to cum.

    • Years ago I was having an affair with this not so good looking lady , she had the same emotions. Almost like let’s get this over , I know she wanted sex because she would tell me she wanted to have an orgasm. I would go down to eat her out but showed little signs excitement. I even asked if she was uncomfortable with me doing it and said “don’t stop I love it”.
      I wish she showed some appreciation , I might have stayed with her.
      Yes it was a turn off

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