High school girlfriend

My wife was my high school girlfriend during our senior year. While we dated we never had intercourse. Then we went to different colleges and agreed that we would date others. During the four years of college, I dated quite a few girls but only had sex with five of them since three were long term relationships. After college my wife and I got jobs in a big east coast city and we got back together and quickly moved in together. The sex was great as she was willing and eager to do everything that I wanted including oral and anal.
One day as we were talking after sex my girlfriend asked me how many girls had I had sex with. I told her that if I told her she would have to tell me. So when I told her that it was five, she told me that she had sex with thirty two men. I was surprised that it was so many and told her so. She told me that if I thought it was too many than one of us should leave. When I got home from work a couple of days later she asked me what I had decided. I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. She accepted and told me that she thought that I wouldn't mind all of the other guys.
Over the forty plus years that we have been married I have thought about all the men that have come inside her between her long legs, in her mouth and in her tight ass. Sometimes she has been willing to talk about the men that she had sex with. She has told me about the first guy that came in her mouth, her first intercourse, and her first anal sex. Every time that she tells me about the guys that came in her three holes before me, I get a great erection and then she lets me come in the hole that I choose.
I love having a very experienced wife but sometimes wish that I was the first in at least one of her holes.

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  • Senior year Dr Amy Doe (PHD) would still be in high school if I didn't tutor her logarithms. For my good deed I get to pop her cherry. Later I find out it was win win for her. I'm tall, dark and handsome. She's cute and chubby (thinned out nicely, kept the big tits) - She tells friends her goal was to fuck me, she doesn't want to to college a virgin, gets to know me and feels comfortable getting naked. Her mom is in on it and gets her BC. (I later find out) - I'm no fuck pro myself and pretty big. She makes me stop it hurts, I'm not in an inch. I lick her pussy, probably should have first. Then I slide right in and she like a $2 Payday whore, only not faking it. She likes it so much she gets a C on a test. We do math 10 minutes then fuck 3 times before her dad gets home at 6.
    She a big time VP in a big company. 20 year reunion she's a like a rock star. Open bar is on her. And guys are asking how it felt to pop a VP's cherry.

  • Just after HS, the summer before college, had a job as a courier for the sales dept of a large building materials co. I took some simple orders but mostly drove paperwork to our warehouse 10 miles away. The WH manager was this sexy lady (Grace)in her 40's, married. She was extra nice to me. Was on the phone with her a lot more than need be. She always had a dirty joke. Late one Fri she had me deliver papers past 5. When I got there the place was hot and she just had a bra on. She said the the air goes off at 4 and did I like what I see? She asked if I ever been laid, I said sure ,,, I have a GF. "Good, you'll know what to do."
    She took me up an open elevator --to the rafters and to open vent with a view of the mountains. there was a stack of unfolded cardboard boxes we were on. Soon naked and fucking away. I was thinking job security for the next couple summers, it did pay well, but was I loving this. Then we got down to business in her office. Before I left she gave me a blowjob. Over the next 2 years we did 10 more times. Always on a Fri night. The last year she gained like 30 pounds. I acquired a penchant for fucking chubby girls. Years later my wife in her mid 40's gained 30 pounds. Deja vu of fucking Grace again

  • Enjoy what you have. My wife was having sex at a very young age. Before we got married she was probably with 20 different guys. I like that she was very experienced. I didn't have to deal with her being shy about sex.

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