Kissed my wife

It was two years from the time that I first kissed my wife until I fucked her for the first time. My wife and I dated when we were freshman in college and were both virgins. I tried to have sex with her but she kept saying that she was not ready. Summer came and we went our separate ways. The next fall I decided that I wanted a woman that wanted sex. Little did I know that this was my wife. Since I didn't ask her out she accepted a date with another guy who I knew. I asked out a different girl and we quickly started having sex. She admitted that she fucked other guys and I enjoyed fucking her used cunt. The guy that was dating my first girlfriend started bragging about how he had taken her virginity.
My wife and I both dated several others over the two years before I asked her out when she didn't have a boyfriend. I took her to a movie we went to her dorm room and fucked for the first time. She told me that she would have had sex with me if I had asked her out after the summer. She said that I could have been her first but we both agreed that it was probably better that we had sex with others before we got together.

4 months ago

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    • I was the first guy to fuck my wife and for years I was the only one. Now she had many cocks fuck her willing pussy and I sit and watch. It's awesome

    • So true it is awesome

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