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Im 24 year old white female with a athletic body. Recently in april I met a black guy that just started working at the job where i work. He is a bit older than me, he is 39 years old and is more on the heavy side about 275 lbs id say. He Never married and no kids. We chilled a few times. He is very nice and funny. I never dated a black man, or really ever had one as a friend so it was different. He told me he never dated or been with a white girl. Well the friday before memorial day 2020 we hung out went for food and came back to my place had a few shots, talked awhile, got really flirty with each other and shortly thereafter started making out. Which led to sex. He was very dominate and controlling. He had a very fat/thick cock. We started with me giving him a nice long blow job. I laid down on the bed and he ate me out as well as ate my ass which was an odd first expierence. I Then I got on him fucked him for awhile then we went to doggy for awhile after that he got on top of me where my ankles were by his ears and was really drilling me and hitting my g spot and was super deep inside me. he also was grunting really loud and started humping faster and shouted out he was about to cum, I told him yes cum, he keeps grunting while keeping up his fast humping motion and asks me do you want me to cum in your pussy. I tell him yes I want you to cum in my pussy.i latched on to him very tight. He tenses up shoves his huge cock in me as far as it could go as we stare into each others eyes as he lets out an aggressive grunt as he explodes inside my pussy. It was an amazing feeling the force and power he shot his cum inside me. Sex was amazing.
We kissed passionately for awhile right after till we fell asleep. We woke up next day and started back up with our passionate kissing until I went low and started sucking on his cock and balls.I got on top him and started riding again. I had two orgasms while riding him. He wanted to do doggy so I got into position he gets his cock in and just fucks me with no mercy. Deep thrusts. Pulls my hair a bit while slapping my ass. He picks up speed as he puts his hands on my shoulders while deep thrusting. His breathing started getting louder and his moaning was loud He tells me he is about to cum. I tell him cum inside that pussy at same time I orgasm. He keeps fucking me until he left out a pleasurable grunt moan as he had an explosive load inside me.
Sex with this guy is great, love working with him and hanging out with him.
The sex with this man was incredible.

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  • Amen sister love a big black cock

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