Left wife for younger sexier women

I’m 46, my soon to be ex wife is also 46. We got married at 22, and have a 22 and. 19 year old. I realized I wasn’t going to be happy with her anymore the older she got, the fatter she got, the more bitchy she got, the less and less sexual she got. It got to the point where she didn’t even want to kiss, we had sex only when I asked for it, and we never did fun sex anyway. All quickies only, and it was a chore to get. I’m.educated, a professional, make $250k per year, drive 2 Mercedes Benz, have a beach house and a house in a gated neighborhood and a pool in my backyard. I’m doing well financially and physically, I’m still a 32 waist, same as when I got married, still have all my hair and it’s not grey. My wife is broke as hell, makes $40k and drives our sons old car I bought him in high school and she can barely pay rent at her shitty apartment. She acts like I should feel guilty. She’s the one who changed for the worse. I’m now in a relationship with a sexy 32 year old professional woman who earns about half what I do, she’s sexy and secure and a lot of fun. My wife is doing everything to try and ruin us. I’ve got a protective order now for her. I can’t wait to marry my new young sexy bride to be and start trying for a baby with her.

Jul 4
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    • Material wealth does not make one sexually happy, and as one get older the relationship either becomes monotonous or uninteresting. As the old saying goes, a hungry dog at home looks for food elsewhere - this is exactly happened with me as passed 55 yrs. I am now sexually free-lancer in the sense that I travel on my own to a number of places where I have women friends in their ripe age. During those days we fuck at our will and whims. Love my days now!

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