Best friend wife

Guys not sure where to start from. Please do not judge and help me with an advice.

I know my best friend for couple of years and we've done a lot of things together , helping each other a lot.
The problems started couple of weeks ago , at my wedding when i have never seen her miss , like i saw it in that day. Stunning, she looked gorgeous. At my weeding we've had like a pool party and after couple of drinks she started to dance in the middle of the jacuzzi. She was a bit tipsy ,but so did i. I've started to touch her up her legs , bum and she did not rejected me at all.
2 days pass by after this incident and i run into her in that day and i apologize for my behaviour to her, saying that i should have not done that , touch her or do anything because her husband is a really good friend of mine. I also explained to her that i could not rezist as she is sexy and this made her feel good , smiling and saying that i was not doing anything too innapropiate , just touching and dancing is alright and the fact that she is usually going in the club with her friend and not sitting down looking around.
Couple of things changed to be honest, i like visting her in work , always looking her attention.
We started " chat " on snapchat whereas she show me couple of naughty photos and i feel so guilty for doing this but could not stop thinking how hot she is and how much i would like to have sex with her at least once.
Am i a prick ? Please advise me if i have to stop it right here

Jul 4
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    • Just fuck her. Sounds like she is up for it.

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