I had fun with a GF but love my BF

My BF and I went to a party with my friends at their house. There were maybe 8 couples there. We were drinking and having fun. I went outside to the car to get cigarettes. It had been raining and I slipped and fell in the muddy driveway. I didn’t get hurt but was covered in mud. Everyone laughed at what had happened and so did I. My GF offered to wash my clothes and I took a shower. While in the shower I decided I would shave my privates and surprise my bf later. When done showering I put on a robe because my clothes weren’t ready yet from the washer and dryer. I came out in my robe and sat down next to my bf. We were all still laughing at what had happened. I was tipsy from the alcohol and horny because I was thinking about later when my bf would see me shaved and I knew he would like it. My girlfriend tossed me a can of beer. When I caught it my robe came open for just a second. My gf came over and said what did I just see? I said its a surprise for later. She kept saying its later and tried opening my robe. I resisted and she got close and said did you shave your pussy? I nodded yes as a surprise for him. She whispered in my ear that she wanted to lick my bare pussy. I laughed. I wasn’t shocked because her and I had been together before. She whispered let me lick you in front of everyone. I laughed and said no way. Fast forward about 4 more beers and I was pretty drunk but still horny. My gf kept coming over to me trying to open my robe. She was stronger than me and I figured she was going to expose me eventually. She came and sat on my lap and pulled my robe open and down my arms pinning my arms to my side. I laughed and looked at my bf and said are you going to help me? He said sure and grabbed the lower portion of my robe and pulled it open. Now I’m setting on the sofa with my robe open and arms pinned to my side by my gf. I am naked under the robe and everyone is seeing me with my robe open. My gf held my arms and stood me up and got behind me and sat back down on the couch pulling me with her. Now I’m setting on her lap with her holding my arms and my robe open and fully exposed to everyone at the party. Most of them have seen me in some form of undress so it wasn’t anything new except my bf is there too. They are all cheering and laughing at me being naked and nothing I can do about it. My gf said again, I will let you go if you let me lick your pussy. I was drunk enough to say ok. She let me go and I stood up. She stood up and said just lay on the floor. I really wasn’t paying attention to anyone but my bf to see what his reaction was. My gf took off her clothes too. She came to me and opened my robe and took it off. She spread it on the floor and told me to lay on it. I laid down and looked around. Everyone was standing around watching. My gf played with my tits. I was trying not to pass out. Then she was kissing my stomach and moved between my legs. I felt her pushing my legs open and starting to lick my pussy. I looked at everyone including my bf watching what was happening. He was just smiling at me. I was fully aware that everyone was watching me get licked by my gf. I felt her push my legs up and wide open as she licked and pushed her fingers inside me. Drunk or not I knew I was going to cum. Everyone laughed and cheered as they watched me cum. After I recovered I turned her on her back and did the same to her. Then we both got up and she got dressed and I put my robe back on and sat next to my bf. I asked him if he was mad. He said no but he did like the show. I was embarrassed that he had just watched another girl make me cum. He said as long as he got some later. I laughed and said absolutely!! He said would you do something for me? I said sure anything. He said keep yourself shaved he liked it. I said ok. He said oh and one more thing. I said ok. He opened my robe and said I like everyone seeing you naked. I was a little embarrassed but sat there with my robe open so everyone could see my tits and shaved pussy until my clothes were dry and I could get dressed. I love my bf but I liked my gf licking and fingering me too. I am a little embarrassed to admit that. Any thoughts?

Jun 28
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    • Update: My boyfriend and I talked about showing the video to his poker friends and I think I am ok with it. Fast forward to Saturday night poker night. I went shopping and came home to the poker party already in progress. I came in the house quietly to surprise my bf. I stopped in the kitchen. I heard something familiar. OMG he was showing his friends the video already. I peaked around the corner to see where they were in the video. There I was on the big screen, naked, my gf has me spread wide and the guys are watching her lick me and sliding her fingers deep inside me. I walked in like I didn’t know what they were watching just as someone said oh yeah she’s so hot pump her and make her cum. I looked at them and they looked at me and then back to the tv realizing that I was the one in the video. I blushed and sat down trying to act like it was no big deal that they were watching me. The truth was, as embarrassing as this was I enjoyed watching them watch me. My bf suggested that in the near future maybe I could watch it with another group of friends and I could get naked as we watch. That’s a different day. Don’t know if I can do it but it was hot fun setting with my bf’s friends watching me on the big screen and hearing their comments.

    • Maybe you should invite the gal in the video over to let your bf and his friends watch the real thing.

    • Well we did as suggested. I invited her over and my bf invited his friends. I told her ahead of time that we were giving the guys a show and she said as long as she got to lick my pussy she was good with it. I knew some of the guys and some I didn’t. My gf was cool and got undressed first. Then she came and undressed me. It was embarrassing and exciting as she undressed me. I was down to just my panties and was watching all the guys watch us. My first thought was OMG what am I doing. Then I felt her taking my panties down. I saw my bf with his phone videoing everything. Then I was on the floor getting my legs spread. I realized that this was what was agreed to and this is what these guys came to see. She showed me to all the guys playing with my pussy. At first I was in a fog but then it felt so good with her between my legs and watching all the guys watching us. I soon forgot about those watching and we did each other until we both came. Honestly I enjoyed it and enjoyed them watching. My bf asked what I enjoyed most. I guess I had to say that the idea of all the guys coming just to watch our show was flattering. Next to that, my gf spreading me and fingering me for them to watch was maybe the best part. My bf asked if I enjoyed doing her and I have to admit I enjoyed them watching her do me more than me doing her. I am sure this won’t be the last time we do this. I enjoyed being the show and sex with my bf after everyone left was amazing.

    • Funny, my bf said the same thing. He said he would video it on his phone.

    • Did any of them make advances toward you?

      Did it make you horny?

    • No advances. A few compliments and embarrassingly yes it made me horny with them watching.

    • So happy for you. That would have made me so WET as well. Kinda saddened that there was no advances but they may have been playing nice because you BF was in the room.

      So happy for you. Enjoy your GF and your BF.

      But if you want to turn it up a couple notches allow your BF to have sex with your GF but only when you are present. Then when she is full of his cum you quickly suck his cock. Just to clean it then send him to the shower while you lick you GF’s first cunt clean.

    • Perfectly normal. I’ve been in a “special” relationship with my neighbor for 21 years. We participate in neighborhood play groups and before I knew it we were playing with each other and haven’t stopped. About 16 years ago my husband got involved and I love to watch him pound her hard then I get to lick them both clean.

      You should think about a similar arrangement. It’s kept our sec life very HOt

    • That’s a fantastic story, glad your BF was cool with it. If someone else recorded the whole thing, it’s probably already in cyberspace so your BF showing his poker mates will just get them horny & probably jerk off watching it later
      Don’t be embarrassed, be proud

    • Just a quick follow up. Someone videoed the whole thing on their phone and sent it to my bf. He showed it to me on our big screen tv. We both get horny watching it and use it quite often for foreplay. My bf wants to show it to his guy friends on poker night. I haven’t given him the ok yet. Should I? Still kind of embarrassed at every one at the party that watched.

    • Do it!

    • Depends on if you want a poker night, or a poke her night.

    • 1 thought, how can I get in on this! Damn that was hot!!!!! You should have your boyfriend reciprocate by having sex with another man. Onky fair! My wife did this to me after I begged fir a 3 some. I got what I wanted but not exactly what I wanted. It's part of us now and I love it. Great story!

    • My wife has a girlfriend. She stays over her house one weekend a month and they enjoy each other. I have no problem with it

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