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I've posted two stories on here now as part of a surprise for my husband. He dared me to confess online and when I have enough stories I will send him the link. Some things he already knows about me, other things will be a naughty surprise.

Maybe you all can help by asking questions about things I've done, fantasies, etc. I will answer honestly!

So what do you wanna know?

18 days ago

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    • Kate darling are you still here hun ?

    • Yes I'm still here my love. Have been away for a couple days with hubby which I will post about soon xxx

    • So happy darling, would you look at my posts below and give your thoughts LYx

    • You haven't come back and said I'M FEMALE OR FUCK YOU, I'M FEMALE!
      That is your subconscious mind not allowing you to lie. But now you will because I told you so.

      Secondly you have posted that you have done pretty much everything from sleeping with 100 men, love toe sucking, anal sex, fucking women and incest and more. I properly forgot some of the bull shit you posted, but it is all fake like you. But you will say anything to get a rise out of men here so you can jerk off or laugh at them!
      Was this reply your or your buddies? "He's not even smart enough to be a retard. Rolls his boogers into balls before he eats them like M&Ms". How fucking childish is that! YOU ARE A YOUNG MALE KID! Stop pretending that you are a grown up female.

      This site can have some good honest stories but asshole kids like you come here and fuck that all up with your bull shit stories. One of you punks even wrote a story admitting that you do it for the same reasons I stated. I can't stand that and wish this site had a way to keep you young underage fucking punks out. Until then I will keep calling you out as the boy you are! So now report this and have it pulled boy!

    • Pulling posts boy! Really?

    • Yep and this one will be next HAHAHA, goon

    • Darling today when we go shopping at the lingerie store my wife has advised that along with panties we will purchase padded bra and pantie sets also nighties for me, after that we are going to call into an adult shop and buy a chastity cage my wife thinks it will be difficult for me to restrain myself and it would be better to ensure I cannot fondle, so this afternoon darling your Kate's cock will be locked, I am certain she is right and sure you would approve LYx

    • Darling my wife has just conducted a locking ceremony so Kate's cock is locked and secured no way can I play with it, we purchased a clear, plastic internal locking cage so I can see it but not touch it. It was imperative that I be caged because I feel ever so horny trying on my lingerie, my wife has indicated that I will not be able to play Kate's Wanker for at least two full weeks maybe more so I will certainly build a large load for you by then, are you getting any sweetie ? LYx.

    • Kate darling my wife has suggested that we have a trial of two months with the view of it being permanent that my only sexual satisfaction is from playing "Kate's Wanker" with her in attendance always pretending to be you, I think its a good idea my wife is going to limit my activities so each time I will give a large load that you would be proud of. Any thoughts sweetie.

    • That sounds deliciously naughty and I think you should do it

    • Thank you darling, my wife said this morning that she is certain Kate would like her wanker wearing sexy female panties so tomorrow before she goes to stay the night with one of her female clients we are going to the lingerie store to stock up for me LYx

    • Yes you need to dress appropriately. Your wife has good instincts. Maybe you can post stories of what she has made you do x

    • Thank you darling I am ever so happy that I will be wearing sexy panties for you 24/7 your just terrific, incidently if I am caught wanking without permission and with my wife on hand I am going to be locked in a chastity cage so I cannot. LYx

    • Kate I am just so upset that goons and clowns load YOUR post with a whole lot of crap, your obviously such a really nice girl, OK I know you like the odd out of marriage fuck but how many women do not plus at least your husband knows so nothing is hidden, I would hope that people were much nicer to you Love.

    • Thank you, that's very sweet of you.

    • Thank you so much Kate, my wife would really love to have you in her stable of clients she thinks your ever so fantastic and is certain you would both have such a very sexy time together.

    • I think we would have a great time together. Think of me next time you cum in her x

    • I always think of u when i cum these days

    • Darling I just had the greatest wank thinking of you, my wife assisted while naked by talking dirty pretending to be you kissing and tickling me, it was so fantastic I hope you don't mind if we continue LYxxx

    • That's so hot, you've made me wet now thinking about you doing that. Give your wife a big kiss from me and tell me what else you get up to xxx

    • OH thank you so much darling your terrific.

    • I want all the details! x

    • You are a male Katewife and you fucking know that to be true. Now go tell me to strangle kids boy!

    • Kate I would really love to slip a length into you darling.

    • Thank you, I would like that x

    • OH darling I just got suck a hard cock at your answer you really are an angel, would you mind if I had a little wank thinking of you please ?

    • Yes I'd like you to cum thinking of me x

    • OH I will darling I will give a giant load for you, thank you sweetie LY

    • You would love to slip that micro dick into anything.

    • Where is the beautiful and quite fuckable Kate ?

    • You like fucking guys? Then Katewife is your man for the job!

    • I'm right here x

    • Good on you sweetie LY

    • Thank you honey LYT x

    • He is getting hosed down again it's that time of the week. When he dries off Kate will be back online.

    • She pulled your posts kid too bad.

    • Didn't pull mine! But the asshole who calls everyone a pedo and toddler strangler is Katewife. No doubt about that. Thats why he is defending Kates posts so much. Get this Katewife is a guy no doubt about that.

    • And here I am reading these posts locked in a cock cage not fair.

    • Obviously noone cares less about my unfortunate situation, just keep squabbling about shit of little interest.

    • I would be able to help you, if we met up I would put a squirt of fast drying glue in the lock that would quieten you down knowing full well you would never have release, bet you would like that HAAHAAHAAA

    • My wifes new female client has a friend that wishes to meet her with the intent of joining her stable list so the three are going to have an evening meal together after her new friends driver picks her up tomorrow at 6, gee she is certainly going to be busy. If you were a whore I bet you would have plenty of customers.

    • Gee you sound ever so sexy and nice I would really love to throw a leg over and fuck you hard, my wife met her first female client last night, brought her back to the whore house and she stayed all night now she wants to send her driver every Wednesday at 6 for my wife to stay the night she is extremely very generous as well, sounds like a great deal plus my wife really likes her.

    • That's nice, it does sound like a great deal. Your wife must be amazing in bed, wish I could sleep with you both x

    • What’s your age? And have you ever been with a family member?

    • I'm 30 and I have been with my male cousin.

    • Your very nice darling I love it that you answer questions quickly and honestly.

    • Thank you sweetie x

    • What are your measurements? hair and eye colour?

    • I'm a size 12 (UK), 36C, 5'5 tall. Brunette with blue eyes, size 6 feet.

    • The dream milf!

    • My wife has been thinking of adding two or three girls to her stable of clients because every time she goes out she gets seriously hit on, I think it's a good idea. Do you attract female attention.

    • Not as much as I get male attention but yeah I do.

    • My wife only likes me doing her in the arse doggie style probably I think because her customers for the most are larger and thicker than I she only allows them in her pussie or mouth and certainly for me her pussie is a bit slack and stretched not tight enough to let me have a good time, what do you think ? with all the fucking you have been up to do you find the same ?

    • Im still pretty tight, or so I'm told. Not having kids helps a lot

    • We think my wife is a little loose for me because she regularly accepts two large, thick dicks per day and I am not so big. None of her client's complain or leave dissatisfied.

    • Do you play with girls ?

    • Oh yes, girls are so much better at oral sex than most guys and I love playing with boobs. My first proper orgasm was with a girl. I find a lot of straight women are often curious and willing to play.

    • Katewife hi I'm Sue I'm a married milf slut . I love being very dirty. I love being force fucked very hard and rough. I also love fucking and being fucked by women , slapping titts , pussy ass and face, sucking choking biting, fingering, fisting . I fantasize and being gang raped by loads of men. mmm x what about you?
      Email me or google chat

    • What does your husband think about you getting fucked up hill and down dale by all these strange men darling.

    • He likes to hear about what I've been up to. He plays around too but we've both slowed down a bit since we got married. Swapping naughty stories is such a turn on for both of us.

    • Have you ever had your toes sucked? I mean really had them kissed and loved firing off every nerve ending?

    • OMG yes! Having my toes sucked is my biggest turn on. I love having my feet touched but toe sucking is the best. I'm anyone's if they do that to me.

    • How many guys have you had sex with?

    • I stopped counting years ago. Well over 100.

    • Darling have you ever considered pimping, my wife has six regular guys, she has converted our grannie flat into a very nice whore house so they can come over whenever they like, there is four nice old gentlemen one mid aged divorced and a really well hung 20 year old (being trained how she likes it he pays only half price)

    • I have thought about it and sometimes my husband jokes that he's going to whore me out, maybe one day I will try it. I was paid for sex once in my teens which was a bit of a turn on.

    • Thank you I am sure you would get plenty of clients, you would be a great little whore

    • Mmm, great little whore has a nice ring to it... x

    • Where are you located?

    • In the UK

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