Wrestling twins

I have wrestle these two twin sisters for years we have very matches but I can not tell them apart. The sad part is that they know but they do not care.

Jun 28
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    • My older brother and I wrestle twins. They were not identical so you could tell them apart. We wrestle with them from 7th grade Thu high school. They were very good and a lot of fun wrestling with. We then all left for college and only seen each other on holidays and summer break. After college we got together again and I married one twin and my brother married the other twin. We still wrestle all the time with the twin we married but not the other anymore since she is our sister in law.

    • Did you ever get a clearly recognized boner with the twin that is now your sister in law? We’re you able to feel her tits and pussy? That would be so cool.

    • Do they get you off?

    • Yes I did and so did they. At one point they would wear a bracelet. One was gold and the other had silver. Looking at the bracelets I was able to talk to them by name. After a month of having fun wrestling with each of them they switched the bracelets and I called them the wrong names. We still wrestle but I gave up on trying to tell them apart and avoided dating them

    • Nude wrestling? Both at the same time?

    • One match in our underwear I did wrestle both of. Them at the same time. That was really fun and horny and hot . No sex but are three of you did some dry humping

    • No, but we did wrestle in our underwear.
      They did have bras on. One match one of the twins bra came off and she just kept on wrestling with me like if nothing had happened. The next match with the other twin she took off her own bra before we started to wrestle.

    • That's the sad part?

    • Yes it was. It could have maybe been quite different. May have been able to hook up with one if I could have been able to identify them

    • Yes it was the only good thing if good was I was not the only one who had a rough and hard time telling who was who

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