Buyers remorse

I deliberately allowed my husband to buy the wrong size lingerie last Valentines day so I could make him wear it.

He wanted to buy me some lingerie for Valentines day but I have always kinda wanted to get him into panties and a bra myself.
He asked what I liked and I showed him a few things on the app on his phone for an online lingerie store. While I was flipping through the items he walked off to make us coffee. I set up the user profile as size 16-18 and set the height and weight so it would all be in his size range. Then I set it to only show items in my size..
He came back and continued browsing and I left him to buy the items as a surprise for me.

When the goods turned up all wrapped etc I acted all excited and wanted to see and did the whole can I just open 1 routine. He made me wait till Valentines day morning.
Well as I opened up the boxes and held the items against myself I put on a great show of being disappointed and almost squeezed out a fake tear.

"Do you really think I am that fat? How can you not know I am a size 10 to 12? How long have we been married for and you think I am a size 16 or 18?"

I didn't yell at him, just acted really hurt. He offered to take me shopping right then and there for the right size. I said I was too upset and that I just wanted to think for a moment.
He left the room accidentally carrying out the breakfast in bed he had made me. Dam I went too far now I was hungry as well.
I walked out and told him he could make it up to me by spending the day with me. At this stage he agreed to anything. I told him he needed to get to know me and what I liked and would spend the day doing what I wanted.

We left the house and headed for the beauty parlor. He offered to wait outside. I made him get a manicure and pedicure with me. He was a little uncomfortable with it but seemed to enjoy the hand and foot attention once they started. Then I asked the girl if they did waxing and she pointed out my legs were fine. I informed her my husbands back was a forest and needed doing. He agreed and they waxed his back. Then I said ahhh hell. Do it all. So they did his back, sack, crack, legs and chest.
He paid the bill for all the work I requested and we headed home.
We got home and I had left the lingerie unboxed on the bed. I told my husband I wanted to see his sexy hairless body. As he stripped off to show me I looked at the lingerie again and held it up. "Honestly I can't believe you thought I was a size 18. This would fit you better than me" then I smiled at him and started holding the various pieces against him. I started to dress him in the various pieces and he objected stating we could send it back for a refund. I told him

"They don't refund underwear because it's not hygienic. You spent all this money so now I am going to enjoy it"

I dressed him in a red lace bra and panty set with matching suspender belt and red stockings. The look on his face as the satin, lace and nylon encased his now hairless body was priceless. I made sure to feel every inch of his body and had him so turned on he began to leak through the panties. I quickly took care of the situation and performed oral and swallowed while he was stood there in the red lingerie from head to toe. I pulled the panties back up and told him he was taking me to lunch. He struggled to reach the bra clasps but I informed him he was wearing all that under his clothes to take me to lunch. He eventually agreed. We had lunch and he spent most of the time hunched forward so nobody could see his chest and the slight bumps of the bra
The waitress informed him that his red bra strap was really obvious across his back through the light blue shirt as he slouched forward. I had a good giggle as he tried to sit "Neutral" as he called it.
We went home and had amazing sex.

Since then I have added to my husbands collection and have him dressed for me often. I even went cliche and bought him the obligatory maids outfit to do the house work in.
I have still not told him that I set him up for this. He still thinks he insulted me and broke my heart on Valentines day

1 month ago

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    • Why spoil a good thing by confessing to him. He obviously likes doing it or he would have stopped a long time ago. My wife got me to wear a bra and panties one day and I liked it and soon I was wearing a bra and panties all day every day as well as everything else feminine you can think of. When she had me dressing totally feminine and I was doing my own make up I realized what women go through every time they get fixed up to go out . I was the one to asÄ· her if I could buy myself a PVC French maids outfit. I was doing more and more house work and I told her that I would do everything and she loves me being her maid. Our sex life has got a lot Better and we are so much happier now,like two women living together . I don't care that I am more fem than masculine,,I am happy and don't want to be a man any more.

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