I knew it was wrong, But

Working for a company that has partners and family in upper management can be difficult. Was married to a woman with a teenage son. That was also difficult when there was a father that abused both of them physically. After a couple of years I was coming home angry and very upset. My wife had stated that I should go see a therapist to help try and take some of this stress away. The other little problem I have is that I like to cross dress. I just love wearing women lace panties. So I went to work talked to the office manager about seeing a company therapist. I went to her office and found a woman in her mid 50's with a nice smile and great personality. We sat and started to do the normal interview on my job and marriage problems. It was a weekly meeting and we weren't getting to all of the problem. So I said one day, ok here it is, Since you are my doctor and we are to open with everything I like to wear women's underwear and have sex while wearing them. I also think you are very sexy and you excite me every time I know I'm coming to your office. Told her that I love looking at her body and fantasized about having sex wit her. I know it is wrong and you can drop me from coming here, but I wanted to be open with you. She thanked me for my concerns about her position and being open about all else that bothered me. She said that I need to leave for the day and she would see me next week. At my next appointment I entered her office, sat in the chair expecting to told that she can no longer treat me. To my shock she came in closed the door and handed me a pair of women's panties. She stated that to cure you I need you to comfortable with her and her understanding of the issue. I thanked her and started to put them in my pocket. She stopped me and said no, put them on, now. I just looked at her and started to undo my pants so I could put them on. Again she said strip all the way and wear them close to your skin so you can feel the satin and lace. I removed my underwear as my stiff cock pooped out in front of her. I put the panties on and stood there for a moment. She approached me and placed her hand on my swollen cock in those panties. She asked how they felt as my eyes started to roll back as she continued to rub my cock. Se had drooped to her knees in front of me and began licking my cock through the panties. I was really hard and my hand gabbed the back of her head pushing it onto my cock. She pulled the panties down to release my cock as it entered her waiting mouth. Her mouth was on me for only a couple of strokes when I gave her the largest load I ever gave at that time. With out spilling a drop she sucked every last drop of my cum into her mouth. She stood up, stepped back and raised her dress removing her soaked panties. She gave them to me and said I had to wear them unwashed on my next appointment. This and the sex we had did not last long. I left the company a few months later and relocated far away from all of that.


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