So many sexual personalities

I’m fascinated by how many different sexual personalities I seem to have. By that I mean separate distinct personalities, each with its own desires and needs. Sexuality is crazy complicated. There’s your birth gender, but then as you start to mature sexually you may feel like you are a different gender. You may be attracted to the opposite sex, or same sex. You may be dominant or submissive, may need to restrain or be restrained. And each of these things can occur in seemingly endless combinations.

I’m a male, 60, and I’ve observed four sexual personalities in myself that remain separate from one another and never seem to mix.

1. Traditional straight heterosexual and somewhat dominant. I love tits. I love pussy. Love to lick it and love to fuck it. Long, hard, and deep. Pounding, sweating, moaning, cumming. I always make sure my partner is satisfied as well. This is the only personality that comes with emotional and romantic connections, where I can fall in love.

2. Homosexual submissive. In this roll I want to please a man. His pleasure is the most important thing and sometimes the only thing. I submit to any and all of his sexual desires. Seeing and hearing and feeling him pleased makes me feel very warm and safe and satisfied. I have no emotional ties in this personality. My partner could be someone I meet regularly for sex, or someone I just met and will never see again after we couple in bed.

3. Homosexual Dominant. Oddly in this role I seem to enjoy treating a man as I would enjoy being treated in the submissive role, and I enjoy watching his pleasure as if I’m watching myself being pleased. I will ask if he enjoys my cock in his mouth or ass, and make him tell me how it feels, all the while knowing he does and knowing exactly how it feels. In some ways I think this is a false dominant position. One created as a different way of allowing me to enjoy gay submissiveness. Regardless, it is fun from another angle.

4. Feminine slut. In this personality, as a male of course I don’t have a female anatomy. But I feel as if I do. My male breasts become flat tits with sensitive nipples. My cock is a big clit. My asshole is a horny pussy. I’ll dress as little or as much as I can as the situation allows. I could never pass, but don’t care. In the privacy of a bedroom with a hard horny man, my looks don’t matter. Only my intense sexual desire matters and femininity and willingness to please in order to be pleased. This personality lives very deep inside me and only comes out to play on occasion. She almost frightens me for what she is willing to do to attain sexual gratification. She is needy and although she wants to please a man, she also needs to be pleased as well. Her sexual need and desire is strong. She must be sexually satisfied.

I may have other undiscovered sexual personalities, but at the age of 60 I think I’ve met them all. Does anyone else feel this way?

Mar 20

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    • I’m a man who sometimes feels like a slut that wants to service another man. But wow you have a lot going on. Sounds fun though.

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