Cuckolded by a pair of Rosa Chavez Metro Pumps

My wife and I met right out of high school. We lived together for several years before we got married. My wife always complained about her car's not being capable. For example she was trying to pass or merge onto a highway or get around a slower vehicle and she almost got into a wreck because her engine was to weak. She tried to get over but another woman in a more capable car leaned on the accelerator and blocked her from getting over or merging over. The four car's that she had up until our marriage were all four cylinder engines. Although each of the car's had a little more power than the previous not for nothing it was not a V6 or V8. She pushed them all to the limit revved them hard floored them hard and even redlined them before shifting gears. Three of her car's were stick shift the 1st, 3rd and 4th. She was a sexy woman always wearing pretty summer dresses, mini dresses,,high heels, and even pantyhose sometimes. her casual outfit usually had a Bathing suit under always a bikini as the beach was her place of relax and tanning. On the rides home from the beach she would always drive barefoot her toe nails were painted in pretty colors her tan feet and legs were out of this world. Her barefeet were aggressive on the pedals quick on the clutch and hard on the gas pedal. While she was stopped at a red light she would tap her gas pedal and rev up her engine a little. Sometimes a sport car with a more capable engine like a Mustang, Mazda, Nissan 300z, Dodge Stealth, Turbo Eagle Talon, Mitsubishi EVO turbo, Trans Am , something with a V6 or V8 would rev back at her and a race challenge would develop. She would rip and burn her tires off the line, raise her RPM to the redline and give it all she can squeezing everything out of that gas pedal that she could but no matter how hard she pushed her little four cylinder engine it was impossible to defeat a v6 or v8. One summer night she raced her car several times on the way home but was unable to gain victory over a more capable car. While we had sex that night I remember feeling how good she felt to me absolutely heart felt. We shared several orgasams and I remember holding her in my arms at the end feeling the strongest love for her. I vowed at that moment that I would work hard much harder in order to achieve an income level that would support buying or leasing the fastest most powerful car with all the luxury that my wife would desire. I quickly reached that goal within 3 years my wife was deciding on what car she would like money was not an issue. We looked at several cars starting off with the Mustang GT but compared to the German machines that were affordable she passed on the Mustang and looked at the BMW's. I remember standing by the drivers side door as she sat down in the 645CI when she put her foot on the gas pedal we both realized that power was not an issue with its powerful 4.4 Liter V8 high performance engine. It was a monster engine. My wife was sold on the total capable engine but the BMW styling was not something she really found desirable the styling is bold and masculine but she wanted something different. She went to AUDI and Porsche but on a day while I was at work she stopped by the Mercedes to visit our sales lady Laura who already sold me a Mercedes ML sport utility fully loaded 4 wheel drive. When she spoke to our sales lady she took my wife to the back of the lot were a special car had just arrived. It was a CLK430 with the AMG package . This was a true super car the moment my wife saw the amazing body style and the luxury interior it was game on. They took it for a test drive and our sales lady let her open it up on a private road they use to test cars. My wife said that the power under her right foot was like nothing else. It pushed her back in the seat like something serious. She told me over the phone that the acceleration blew her mind it was so powerful it tingled her twat a little. She signed the papers I had to leave work early to meet her at the Mercedes Dealership to sign as well because it was a very expensive car that required both of our credits., She decided that leasing was the best choice as in a few years there would me something else that she would want something else would have more power and she would have to have it. Making a down payment of several thousand and a lease payment of around $800 a month was not even a dent in our finances as I had worked hard to make sure she would get the best. That afternoon we parked my car and took her new car out for a long drive we went down the coast from clearwater to Venice it was a week day and traffic was not bad she did not lose a race off any traffic light she had one of the most powerful cars on the road and she knew it it was a super car. WHen we had sex that same night it was absolutely the greatest. During the drive she took her sexy black stiletto pumps off and drove her car barefoot flooring it a number of times pushing the accelerator all the way down activating the secret power button that gave the car extra power when it was floored she could still kick it down more pressing the button that really opened up the engine. She pulled over somewhere in Sarasota and asked me to massage her feet. I remember the moment I touched her right foot and rubbed the sole of that foot something mysterious happened it was like the sole of her foot had a bit of static electricity some kind of charge pulsed into my hand. Touching that right foot of hers activated a powerful arousal effect in my own body causing my already hard cock to precum a lot of precum soaked my boxer briefs.

Mar 20

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