1st time with black guy

I was 15 and he was one of only 4 black guys at our school. I went to a party and missed my ride, so he offered to take me into town where I could walk home. It was late fall, and there was frost on the windows as we are waiting for it to thaw, when he says "I know you want it" I said "What?" and he pull my hand over to his black cock, which was now out of his pants and rock hard. I didn't let go of it, so I think he took that as a sign I wanted it. Never in my life did I ever think about sucking a cock, especially a black cock, and here I am in a car, head spinning from alcohol and being pulled over headfirst to his black cock. I opened my mouth and he flipped his cock into my mouth. I immediately started sucking on it, rolled over to lay flat on the front seat, and began humping it like a dog. His cock got rock hard in no time, probably from watching me fuck his car seat and I started to cum in my pants when he said, "I hope your real hungry boy!" The first 2 shots of his cum went right down my throat as more cum continued to pulse out of his cock. After about a minute after he came, I was still sucking his dick like there was no tomorrow. He pushed my head away and said "I can't take any more right now, but we are going to hook up again". Neither of us said a word as he drove me into town, and I must have jacked off 5 times that night thinking about sucking his black cock and what I had done!

Mar 5


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    • I joined a 24 hour gym when I was 19 years old and I used to go late at night because I was embarrassed about being so skinny and weak. I was in the locker room getting changed and this big black guy came walking out of the shower with a towel around his waist. His locker was at the next bench and when he dropped the towel I couldn't help but look at his beautiful cock hanging between his legs. He caught me staring at him and he laughed and said you like what you see white boy I didn't say anything and he walked over to me and I now had his cock in my face as he was standing in front of me it was the biggest cock I had ever seen and he lifted it up towards my mouth and told me to suck it right then and there and I did want I was told he was very strong with big muscles he kept saying yeah bitch suck that dick I was gagging on it as he pushed my head down on him it was hurting my throat but he didn't care because now he was fucking my mouth and his cock was getting harder and harder when he started to cum he held my head down on his cock pumping his cum into my throat he was so strong I couldn't move. After he finished with me he told me to be at the gym every night so he could use me after his workout I became his white bitch boy sucking his cock and letting him fuck my ass. He was my first black man and he wasn't my last one that's for sure.

    • My first time was after a BLM march with my sorority. We got invited to a party and I planned to only hookup with one guy but when he finished his friend came in and asked for seconds.

    • Mine was after a BLM in Louisville!
      My bf knew a source so after we went to his house. he was around 40 liked my Justice for breonna shirt. he told my bf he'd give it us half if I blew him. things got crazy and i ended up having sex with him and to others.

    • My wife has been going to the BLM gatherings in Charlotte she loves all the extracurricular that the white girls get to do for the black men. I went the last time and they made me watch her fuck four of them and suck all their dicks dry lasted for hours. When we went home I said now I understand why you've been going she said I hope you don't mind what can I say

    • They love white whores like you

    • Yes they do. My wife is a black cock whore and she loves it. If I'm going to stay married I just accepted it.

    • Super sexy nothing like BBC down your throat

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