Senior tip to New York and BBC

The next time I did it was on our senior trip. We went to New York City, and one of the guys staying in room brought back a Screw magazine. We were looking at all the escorts ads in the back and I noticed several black male escorts. They all took off looking for adventure and I called one of the ads from a payphone in the lobby. I went to a small one room apartment and a black guy answered the door wearing only green gym shorts. He told me I looked young, which he liked. I was 18, and he said he normally saw older white guys. He walked over to his pull out bed, dropped his shorts and asked if this was what I was looking for. He told me to lock the door and get undressed if I wanted. He was in his late 20's, well built, and about 6' tall. His cock was long, soft and thick (he listed 10" in his ad). He told me since it was early in the day, he usually didn't cum, so that he could see more clients throughout the day. He said he would make it a great experience and asked me about my sexual past with black guys. He was laying on his bed and began playing with his cock. It immediately came to life and he told me to come over and get some of this black dick! I stripped out of my clothes and climbed on the bed with my mouth open. It was much bigger than the cock I had before and immediately began oozing pre-cum, which he told me was because he was turned on to me. Without going to long in this post, I spent most of the day there, experienced getting fucked for the first time, and draining two thick loads down my throat, and one in my ass. We took a little nap mid-day and I sucked on his soft cock while he slept for about an hour.

Mar 5

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