Friendly Nurse

I have always had a fetish of a Nurse seeing me nude, maybe because it is probably the safest place to be exposed.

Public streets or places like that can mean a jail sentence.

So, I go get checked out a lot, but most are rather careful, I suspect they have seen a few guys like me before.

Recently I went to the Urology clinic out in the valley, the complaint was a burning sensation when I took a pee. Without fail, that one gets them to take a look at least.

Sure enough, first it was give them a sample in the little room, then they took me to a small office and handed me a gown. In came this Nurse, followed by what I guess is her intern, that one looked to be about 20, the Nurse easily 40 or so.

The nurse checked me, actually pulled back my foreskin, and took her sweet time as I stood her holding the gown up. Then she told the intern to get a sample, the intern came over and used a Q-tip, pushed it in the end of my dick while holding me with the other hand, by then I was 90% erect.

She giggled, then said that "This is sure easier when they are firm like this."
Then she gave me a little squeeze, winked, and they left.

10 months ago

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    • I was required to get a yearly physical for my job. Our company contracted out to a healthcare facility nearby. I always enjoyed it. After the blood samples and the hearing tests, you get put into a room and are told to get naked and put on an gown that ties in the back.
      A few years ago, I had this older nurse, she must have been closed to 70 years old. She came in with another younger woman who was carrying a clipboard.
      I was sitting on the bed and she was sitting on a small stool asking me about self testing testicular cancer. I laughed and said "my girlfriend checks for that".
      She had me stand up from the table and asked me to lift my gown. She started to rub my balls and tell the other nurse " hard polys...self checks" and then smiles at me as she says I can get dressed.
      My cock was starting to get hard as I looked down, her face was literally inches away. She must go home and suck her husband' cock after doing that all day!

    • What is interesting is when a person discovers that Nurses and Doctors are human beings, subject to all of the same urges and desires as everyone else. It is just that they are trained in bedside manner, thus the majority have the ability to appear under complete control.
      Yet, there are always those that will take advantage, or skirt the rules, usually knowing very well how much they can get aways with.
      This is how "therapists" manage to sexually abuse clients, athletes, often for decades before being caught, and often they never are.
      Like the time my first wife was told to remover her robe and press her nude body to an xray screen back when she was just 19 and didn't know any better. Fully naked in front of not one but TWO, but of course her robe would have no effect on an xray. So, a pair of voyeurs, that simple, one a nurse and one an xray tech.
      Or the time a certain female Nurse questioned me in depth about my sex life, questions that did not seem to have much medical need, all while I was naked from the waist down. One RN performed surgery on an infected Aneurysm scar at my groin, no draping at all of my lower body, while no less than three other nurses stepped in and out.
      Or the time I had a swollen testicle, the female nurse spent so much time inspecting that I not only erected but very nearly orgasmed. Things happen, they happen lot, and anyone denying it isn't paying attention.

    • I remember having an infection flareup in the incision site for my aneurysm repair I had done. It was rather large and very painful, so bad I went to emergency.
      The Registered Nurse did the cleanout, a pretty blonde woman about 35-40, and I was a bit uncomfortable with that.
      She came in, pushed the drape aside, left me fully exposed the entire time.
      After the pain killer kicked in, I was lying there and began to erect. I did everything I could to stop it, ridiculous because she had a scalpel and was cutting me open, I got hard anyway.
      She kept right on, finally got the thing cleaned out, bandaged me up and left, not a single word.
      She could have covered at least that part of me but she didn't.
      How in hell anyone can get an erection while being cut open is beyond me, but I didn't feel any pain.

    • My ex sister-in-law, June, was a nurse. Nurses uniforms here in the UK are usually scrubs, so not sexy. However, we did get it together, more of a friends with benefits basis after my wife and I separated (nothing to do with her at the time). June was really sexy and adventurous, more so than my ex, and she let me get her a naughty nurse outfit. I would say that I wasn't feeling well and she, suitably dressed, would examine me and treat me. The treatment of course ended up with me cumming. She also let me get her other outfits for our fun times.

    • OP here. Amazes me when I have a completely true incident like this one and write about it, few believe it, if I make up some close to impossible to EVER happen cr*p, the same bunch jumps in and thinks it's great??
      Lots of nurses and Doctors are human, they just have been trained to hide it, some are not real good at that. But when you have 100% insurance like I do, medical really is a good place to get some jollies.

    • They've been sworn to a thing called the Hippocratic oath, and to spot weenie waggers and fake patients like yourself. To indulge your type puts them at risk of malpractice. You're a waste of valuable time and resources, all so you can get your pathetic "jollies"

    • Early 20s I lived in a trendy complex near a major hospital. 50 nurses lived there. I was FWB with 10 of them, not at the same time -- but over 3 years. 4 were for straight sex. 2 had me lick their pussy for a parting handjob -- my pleasure -- the one was a prom queen. 2 were chubby roommates and kinky -- 3 way sex. Licked 1 while fucking the other -- 1 gave me a blowjob while the other licked my butt (after sanitizing it) -- real whore stuff here. 1 blew me white the other took my blood pressure -- said it was a research paper. shrugs -
      Sex by a nearby cornfield. once the farmer caught us in a 3 way -- he literally tipped his baseball cap. In return I ran a free bus service to the hospital during heavy snow with my Bronco, even for ones I didn't fuck, but planned to. Fetched heavy stuff, like beer and soda. I made pizza from scratch, always good for a blowjob. My nickname was Husband -- even a married one who didn't know my real name "hey you.. ah.. Husband, you left your lights on."

    • LOL ! You pay way too much for what a whore would do for less. If this happened, which, it didn't.

    • BS.

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