Hi guys I need to confess about something that happened 1 early morning around 10pm I woke up to some noise comming from out my bedroom but I knew right away it was moaning sound so went to check I herd it comming from my mother room and threw a gap I can see my mom having s*x with a white male and my mom asian bdw divorced.
So I keep watching and am getting turned on and hard as I kept watching watching my mother take it from behind like I can see everything her leg in the air and this is the 1st time I seen this happen usually in asian family they don’t really like seeing other people out their race and if my family out she would be disowned but for me I was happy this white male is destorying my mom brown A** knowing she doing the dodgy 1.

So few day later am outside my mom bedroom door looking threw the gap again w**king but this time what was so hot about it was while I was doing that my mom on her back masterbating while the guy on top by her face 1st my mom came then the guy came on my mom face then I came on the bedroom door we all came together and they didn’t no I was moaning to cuz my mom was moaning like a slut little B***h

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