Gf dare gone wild

I wanted to share a true story of mine. It’s tame compared to other stories on here, but this is story I still think about today.

It happened a while back. I was a young 23 year old male who had just started a relationship with a stunning 21 year old female (Mel) with looks any man would lust for.

Standing at 5.8ft, slim, firm and very fit. Her skin was blemish free with a golden tan from top to bottom. She had long straight brunette hair down to the middle of her back.
She had the tightest, smoothest, perfect hair free pussy I had ever seen.

From the moment we first met, the chemistry was hot.
She dresses to get noticed. Short skirts and buttoned blouses was her thing.

We quickly found out we shared the same vices.... we liked to be daring and a little kinky. The more we drank the bolder we both got and the more we loved being a little more naughty.
There were nights out where there was no bra and an that extra button on her blouse undone. But this is not this story....

After a few months of seeing each other we decided to book a weekend away to the coast. The hotel was a small independent boutique style hotel. It’s the sort of hotel where the receptionist was also the barman.
When we checked in I noticed the receptionist checking Mel out and she played up to him with some playful flirting.
He was slightly older than us but he was a good looking bloke.

After a quick shower and a change of clothes we headed out for a good meal and a few bottles of wine later.
The conversation quickly turned blue. I was soon daring Mel to undo a few buttons on her blouse and flash a little more thigh. I couldn’t wait anymore and we headed back to the hotel for a quick night cap then back up to the room.

When we got back to the hotel our receptionist was now standing behind the bar. I could see the look in his face.... His eyes were clearly undressing Mel. Mel was equally enjoying the attention. She had undone a further button on her blouse and was clearly wanting the barman to see her pert tits.

A few more drinks later and a lot more flashing, Mel and me headed back to our room.

We were getting it on talking about the nights goings on. We were both feeling really horny and didn’t want the night to end.

We started talking about Mel’s flirting and she tried to get caught flashing her tits to the barman.
I asked her how far she would take it? Mel’s response was ‘dare me’!
WoW was all I could think of saying.
How about I ask him to bring more drinks to our room and he catches you topless?
Is that it? Mel said.
Ok.... you take all your clothes off and he gets to see you naked?
Hmmm... Ok but I will have a sheet just covering my pussy and I will pretend to be passed out.
Ok... I said but I will play with your tits in front of him.
You know playing with my tits drives me crazy. You know I would want more...
That’s the dare.... and if you like it; let him play with your tits while pretending to be passed out.

A few giggles later....Mel accepted the dare.
I tried calling down but know one was answering. We almost gave up but I said I would go down and order a few drinks.
I quickly got dressed and headed to the bar.
I ordered some drinks and asked for them to be brought up.
The barman said no problem but he was now off duty and his colleague would have to bring the drinks up.

I headed back to our room to tell Mel.
However, a sudden thought passed my mind. Don’t tell her was all I thought.

I got back to the room and told her 5 mins and drinks will be coming.

We were both feeling horny and Mel was up for the dare.

Mel was already naked and her pussy was already looking wet. I covered her with a sheet, making sure one side of her body was very clear to see.
I told her to keep her eyes closed and not to open them. I told her she needed to convince him that she was passed out.

Ok... no problem!

My heart was pounding so hard.... when there was a knock on the door....

A quick look at Mel and she smiled and said do it....

I opened the door expecting to see a young man but to my shock. There was this old, small, ugly balding fat man. He had the look of someone who had never seen a naked woman.
Do I stop this.... I thought; but instead I just said come in.

As he walked in he placed the drinks on the side table and turned to be greeted by Mel pretending to be passed out on the bed.
The look on his face was priceless.... I moved to the bed and while thanking the old guy, I placed my hands under the sheet and started playing with her tits, I slowly pulled down the sheet. Mel continued to play her part but I could see her nipples harden. The old guy stood frozen to spot.
I could tell Mel was enjoying this and didn’t stop me from slowly lowering the sheet further. I got to just below her bellybutton when I thought I would give the old boy a bigger frill. I motioned him over to the side of the bed and nodded to him the touch her tits.
Mel still had no idea it wasn’t her barman she flirted with earlier.
Mel was visibly enjoying the touch of two men playing with her.
But I wanted more and I slowly lowered the sheet to expose her pussy.
The old boy was clearly getting a little excited and as I lowered my hand to Mel’s pussy. She allowed her legs spread for a better view.
Mel continued to keep her eyes closed and I thought why not....
I signalled for him to play with her pussy.
I watched for a good 10 mins, Mel being fingered by this old boy.

He got spooked and pulled out, looked at me and left.

Mel opened her eyes when she heard the door close.

So.... she said.

I never did tell her who it really was.

3 months ago

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