I never forgot

About 40 years ago I had an affair with a work colleague 20 years my junior. It lasted about three years. She is the only girl I really felt love for (and still do). I have wanked over her ever since. I would love to tell her that and ask if she ever thinks of me.
Hey Ho

14 days ago


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    • An affair is always a fake relationship, so seems amazing. You don't see them cleaning the toilet, doing laundry, etc. So they always seem amazing. But it isn't reality.

    • Didn't get married till I was 29 in 1978. This will sound like a lot, I had sex with 50 nice wholesome young ladies. Do that math it's only 4 new ones a year and it was the 60's and 70's. Up to about 20 years ago I'd see 1 or 2 a year by chance. Some were overly happy to see me, some ignored me. I wonder if they think of the sex we had. I'm pretty sure most had only a few partners. Judy has to remember this, on a grassy mountain summit, view of the city lights 30 miles away, shooting stars, I gave 19 year old naked Judy her first oral sex, her first orgasm. Her clothing locked in the car, I'm fully dressed, a cop was waiting for our return. He just asked her if she was OK with whatever I was doing with her and ID to see her age.

    • I had a girlfriend, more a friend with benefits, 20 years ago who was a petite redhead. We were together on and off for three years. I still think of her occasionally and wonder where she is now.

    • My only redhead. Late teens my frat had a special status for guys going down on a redhead. We all had weekly duties: dishes, cut the lawn etc. Go down a redhead, get the week off. Cute redhead in my bio lab -- i beg the prof to team me up with her. He does, I cut her frog 'yikes' she goes. I bring her to a party and guys are really way over supportive. There a special room for fucking the homecoming queen, and the likes -- they give me that room. This 1968 -- coed going upstairs at frat knows she going for sex. We get naked, I finger her -- something isn't quit right, I go down on her -- she's shaved! GTFO -- 68, no girl shaves till 1999. But licking my first shaved pussy was just awesome. I can't lie, it's trust but verify. Show a red pubic hair -- I fess up, she shaved - That's so freaky then, I get extra credit, 2 weeks off. We go together 6 months, FWB 2 years. She grows out after a couple weeks. But what she did, whenever she went out with a new guy, she shaved. She felt like a freak in gym class shower. She didn't want to shock guys with a red bush.

    • I've only been with one redhead, she had a perfect pussy. It was tight, closely trimmed but not shaved. I still remember fondly!

    • Mine too was a redhead, now I fancy every redhead on the planet

    • I have two loves in my life. My wife and a woman I had an affair with a few years back. The woman I had an affair with has moved out of state with her husband, but we still talk regularly.

    • Years passed but the flame never been distinguished. lesson learned: don't lose another opportunity. I did like you. Her face is engraved in my mind and it is torturing me.

    • Were you ever close to leaving your wife for her? Were you ever inclined to marry her? Did you father any children for the girl, intentionally or unintentionally? Have you seen her or spoken with her at all in the intervening forty years? Lastly, and most importantly, did you plainly express your love for her at the time the two of you were together?

    • Leaving my wife was discussed. No children from the affair. Met her many times socially for a few years after we parted company but not recently. We both expressed love for each other during the affair

    • If both of you are still living in the same vicinity, then you should --- you really must --- reach out to her and invite her to meet you for coffee or lunch. Say nothing upfront about your continued heat for her: wait until you meet to see what her attitude is toward you and THEN ease into your "confession", making its sound casual and inspired solely by her proximity. Then,see where it goes.
      If you have NO idea where she is, you could use one of the online "people locators", and probably find her address and/or phone number for $100 or less. If that doesn't work, you could always hire a private investigator, but I don't believe this project warrants that much of an investment. Another, cheaper alternative is to find someone who still works where you and the mistress/whore worked 40 years ago --- somebody you think she is likely to still be in contact with. Anyhow, I wish you luck and I hope the reconnection works and leads to something hot and dirty and long-term. And life-affirming. If you meet, and you tell her your true feelings, be sure you tell her you have always loved her much more than you love your wife, AND that you've always desired her more than your desire your wife. I.e.., be sure she understands that your wife is consistently inferior to her in EVERY way. Also, be sure she understands you want to resume and renew the physical relationship. And when she says "yes", as we ALL know she will, you need to take her to some very nice hotel and FUCK her like a goddamn ragdoll. Wear her holes out. aLL of them. Whatever you do, don't let her get away from you again. NOT EVER!! Good luck, my good friend.

    • Just one thing: I know she is married - happily as far as I know. Mother of two who are now adults. I don't feel I have a right to interfere.

    • That's understandable but your original mission --- to tell her how you feel, and let her know your fantasies are still fueled by her, and to see if she still thinks of you -- is still viable and achievable. You can always adapt your plan as you go, whether or not the path ends between her legs. For your sake, I hope it DOES end there, but there could be many, many outcomes that are positives, and so I hope you'll pursue it. Why? Because I believe what the two of you had was true love, and TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES. I think you want to know that she still feels it and and so you should find out for sure. But again . . . . . . I believe you will soon be back between her legs . . . . . . probably forever.

    • Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!! FUCK that bitch R A W ! ! ! ! !


    • I had 3 redheaded girl friends 2 red headed wives all was great pussy all would do anything sexual one of the girlfriends was bisexual one of my wives wanted to try 3sums and get blacked one day she did finally get a big black dick she would not let me watch but i had no problem with her getting one

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