Pop the cork

Many moon ago when i wan a young teen this happened. It was a hot summer and I would stay up very late and adjust the fuzz on the cable just right I could see the soft porn movies with pretty good clarity. I had never orgasmed or cum! I had made up my mind that this was the year and so I started a nightly routine in which is tune in my fuzz ling after everyone turned in get comfortable ip the couch next the big window fan we had and proceeded to stroke my dick evry night. Weeks went by and I had learned some things thatvfelt good but still not a drop. Late in summer about to give up I had over heard my older sister had planned a sleepover and all of fhe festivities omitted me. And so I thought ok this is it last chance and I would give it my all. Night finally came the girls stopped giggling and I set my self up wore silk boxers easy to pull down and woul use Vaseline a first for me tuned in my fuzz which was especially clear that night and began , right awAy something was different my dick was longer and mmore firm no it was hard as a rock and standing at attention each stroke felt like one hundred tiny tou ges i didnt know why then though oh shit its the girls just up stairs what if they were listening, nah I said to myself and proceeded toward sensations I had never had I turned the gray noise on tv off as I had other things to use now then strAnge tight ing in my ball and I kept stroking and was bout to cum when i herd oh my god and just then cum shot out of my dick first ever and strait into the air panic and embarrass ed it would go dow or stop pumping cum as Noreen approached I got up with my dick flapping as I ran from her as she had this lust look in her eyes and was still pumping cum all over me and everything else to this day have never cummed like that. As she was trying still to catch me I asked how much she had seen she said all of it and i wantvyou in my mouth right now. Terrified of girls I kept fun in kept running around house coming flapping embarrased sun about to come up made her a deal if she would clean up I would let her jerk me off next eve she said no suck I want to suck every drop out never happened

Mar 8

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    • I you got your h come girl but I’m not her face too (my comment perfectly matches your writing)

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