True story that nobody believes

I wrote this story for another website, and NO ONE believed it, so I thought I would post it here so you folks can disbelieve it. But, it happened!

At age 65 (I am now 78) I went in to the local Doctor's office for my Medicare physical. The Doctor, named Debra, was an attractive about 20 pounds overweight lady of a shade over 50.

No nurse in the room, just her and I. She did the usual, B/P, weight, looking at everything and asking a lot of questions, then came the finger on the Prostate gland, something I dislike but have had done maybe a dozen times over the years. Then, she sat on a little roller stool, pulled my gown aside and took what seemed to me to be a rather long time inspecting.

She told me a nurse would come and get me, she needed a sample, an older nurse named Jennifer came and took me down to what looked like a small bathroom, there was a sink, a toilet, an old Playboy magazine which I thought strange and a very tiny little plastic cup with a lid.

So, I filled the little cup, finished up in the toilet, Jennifer came in, picked up the cup and gave me an odd look. As I sat there, outside I could hear them talking, and it sounded like something was funny as hell.

A few minutes later, Jennifer knocked on the door, stepped in and handed me a new tiny little container, and with a complete straight face told me the Doctor wanted a sperm sample, the she left.

OK, now I was redfaced, and try as I might, there was no way in hell I was ever going to produce any sperm sample. All I could think about was having to go back out there with them all smirking at ne. About 20 minutes went by, another knock and Jennifer calls through the door to ask how I am doing.

"Not very good." I replied, at which point the door swings open, Jennifer picked up the little cup, pulled my robe open and in about 60 seconds she managed to get a few weak spurts. No idea how she did that so fast, I never even got fully erect.

I managed to scramble back into my clothes and leave, not exactly sure of what just happened.

That evening, about 7 PM, my phone rang and it was Debra, the Doctor. She talked to me about the test results, how most were normal, how she wanted me to slow down on Salt because my Sodium was a little high and so was my blood pressure. The conversation drifted into other stuff and somehow I was going on a date with Debra the next night.

That date ended up at her house, with me being seduced rather bluntly and I spent the night. Four months later I married Debra, and we had 10 long and on the wild side years together.

Sadly, Debra's Mom passed, and she went to Boston to deal with what turned out to be a rather large estate. While there, she contracted COVID and passed a couple of weeks later due to complications, since she was also type 1 diabetic.

That is my story, now at age 78, all I have left are the memories, but just think. I got a happy ending in a Doctor's office at my Medicare physical, which of course no one believes.

I sure do miss my Debra though.

11 days ago

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    • Why would she need a sperm sample from you at 65 years of age ?

    • At that time I was having an issue with my Prostate gland and they were checking for bacteria is what she told me. Turned out to be Cancer, the kind that grows so slowly they said I would die of something else first.

    • Bull shit They don't check for bacteria for cancer. A cat scan is all they need or a cell sample using a needle right into the prostate gland to find the cancer DNA for treatment. Prostate cancer is a very fast spreading cancer. Six months to a year if it has spread.

    • They were not checking for Cancer, they were checking to see why my right testicle was swollen to twice normal size and thought it was a different concern. . In the process, they found the cancer, (different test) which was not even the problem. I had those issues for quite some time, happened to have the medicare appointment (free) so it was checked. I wonder why about everyone on this site thinks everything is bullshit??

    • Because a sperm sample shows them nothing except if you can still reproduce!

      Plus no Doctor, nurse or any medical professionals are going to risk losing their jobs and face legal problems to jerk you off. Can't get it up they have drugs for that! Can't cum the they would use Electroejaculation on you, not their hands.

      A cat scan would show what is happening with your balls as well pick up prostate cancer. It used to be X-rays to find cancer but the cat scan is the best tool for that. A MRI will give more detail if needed but it is not used much for cancer. Internal biopsies would be preformed with a needle or a small surgical procedure while your are a sleep.

      You clearly stated you went for a physical and not because one of your nuts was bigger or having a problem with your prostate! That bull shit you added after being found out.

      Now let's hear your next excuse!

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