Urology visit

I am a 50 year old male. Last year had my annual urology visit. I have a large penis and have always felt more comfortable with a male physician. I have had the same doctor for years. I was dressed in the treatment room when a nurse came and told me the doctor was delayed at the hospital and his P. P. Would be in. The nurse took my vitals and the usual questions. And left. There was a knock on the door and in came the P. P. Not only a woman, but a friend from church. My wife was on a couple of committees with. Hi she said! How are you, saw your wife last week! She asked me about my health. Then asked me to remove my pants. I was standing, she was sitting on her stool on wheels. I pulled down my jeans revealing my thong supporting my penis. I could see her reaction as she asked me to remove my thong. My penis totally exposed and hanging. I felt embarrassed, nothing I could do! She rolled forward on her stool and held my, beginning to swell, penis. I am sorry! That’s alright! She asked me to hold my penis while she examined and did the testicular exam. Next she asked me to turn around for the anal and checking my prostate My penis was was hanging and quiet visible to her. She finished up and watched as I pulled on my thong, with the swelling my penis just went in. I got home and told my wife what happened and who I had seen. My wife laughed, and said, her thrill for the day !!!! Later my wife was at our church for a meeting. And said, my husband told me about his visit. Let’s have coffee after our meeting. We did! I want you to know I was totally professional, but needed to handle your husband’s penis for the exam. I said, can I ask, what did you think? We should not be discussing this, but! Seeing his thong oh my! I said he wears a thong for support, but it is a turn on, right? She agreed! We all remain friends and have never discussed the visit again!

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