This his true my wife had to have her coil checked at the doctors but had forgotten the appointment date until the last minute . Me and my wife was going on a date night so my wife was dressed up for the occasion . I have to tell you what she was wearing to get the full picture , She had on black underwear comprising of a see through thong wonder bra suspended belt and stockings short skirt fitted jacket and high heels . We was going some distance away so we set off at 6.30pm we was on are way when my wife suddenly remembered her appointment for the doctors . Her appointment was for 6.30pm so we turned around then rushed back to the surgery , My wife was a bit late but she was his last appointment anyway , So the doctor agreed to see her but told my wife that his nurse had gone home and would she be happy for him to check her coil without a nurse , My wife said yes , Now this his what my wife told me what happened in the doctors room , The doctor told my wife to remove her panties leave everything else on and lay on the table , He put her legs in the stirrups my wife said normally she would just lay on her side then he put the rubber gloves on then put the fingers in the lube , My wife said he pushed his fingers in her he was feeling around for a while when he said you didn't have to dress up for me , My wife was shocked and speechless he then said you also shaved for me he then said we'll your here I'll check your breasts He undone her jacket then pulled her bra up , My wife said he was feeling them for a while then went back down to her vagina again this time he put his fingers in without gloves , He was feeling inside then started going back an forward my wife tried to stop him but he got faster and faster until she came , He told my wife to get dressed he was finished , My wife said he never looked up from his desk when she left .

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  • At my wife’s appointment, he also stuck a finger in her pussy and ass at the same time. That was a HUGE turn on to see!!!

  • LOL ! God, I really don't have a life, coming over here to read your stupid and clueless ideas about gynecologists. "Dr." Louie Rocco will probably sell you his used rubber gloves if you beg. Good luck !

  • If this happens to my wife, I’m going to cum in my pants as soon as she tells me!

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