Sleeping with my step daughter

I wished this was not true but it is. Please don't think bad of me. I married my wife about nine years ago. Two years into our marriage, we had a party here at our house in Rochester NY. Family...well we all got drunk...what a shock...not. I was out in the back yard and her 19 year old daughter came back there "Jennifer" we thing...we are screwing around. I screwed her right on the lawn. A one time thing. Felt so bad I told my wife. Well...My wife got sick about 4 years ago, cancer. She passed two years ago. Dec. 25th 2011. Her daughter..Jennifer has been coming over and spending 4 to 6 days at a time. Yes I have been sleeping with her. I'm is 28. The problem is...she is married with 3 sweet daughters and a nice husband. She tells him that she comes to see me because I need emotional support. Well...I feel guilty...and wrong. But she looks so much like her mom. Do not know what to do..I love her...but not in love with her...understand?


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  • First thing you have to do is never convince yourself that what your doing is right.
    Aside the what your doing is wrong cus its adultery.doesnt matter if she really is your flesh and blood.this girl is your daughter, what your doing is an insult to your integrity, hers( she is no better), and the memory of your wife.
    Plus she is cheating on her husband just becasue she has this fantasy of being with you, and let her lie to herself and say its because you feel bad.
    Your daughter is not a tool for you to exert all this sadness and loneliness.yiu should know better.and she should know better.if any of you were really thinking of your wife you wouldnt be do this.
    Im not her to here to try and help.
    This is a time were you need to find yourself again.away from your daughter.and away from sleeping with a mother of three.
    You need to feed you soul, not your mix of sexual and emotional longing.
    Find god my friend.
    I hope this helps...or at least puts you on a path that will allow you to find relief and a greater purpose,and a solution to your problems.
    Look up.>hamza yusuf.the jouney of love

  • You are nasty period.

  • But that's nasty in a good way..

  • Keep fuckin man! Keep it quiet. Y so soft.. "please don't think bad of me"??? Really? who cares what who thinks about u? Toughen up dude ur banging a chick that loves fucking her step-daddy!

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