Embarrassing vasectomy

My wife and I decided we no longer want any more children and as she needed to come off the pill we decided I would get a vasectomy. We booked an appointment at the clinic for an interview, when we arrived a nurse took us to a room away from the main area there she conducted the interview basically making sure we where certain we both agreed to the snip we where so we both signed the forms the nurse then dropped what I thought was a bombshell at the time she said would I like to undress from the waist down and get on the examination bed while she just goes and fetches the doctor, there was a pause and I will bookan appointment for the procedure while I am there thankgod I thought it wasn't to be that day as I initially thought,as she left the room my heart even though I knew I was only going to be checked and the procedure explained to me was going ten to the dozen, my wife said you will be fine. I nervously undressed removing everything except my t shirt as I stood there my wife giggled I said whats so funny she pointed at my willy I looked down and to my astonishment my willy was like a button mushroom normally it is just smaller than average about 5 inches hard and about 3 inches soft but with my nerves jangling it had shrunk to an inch, there was nothing for it I climbed onto the examination table, while waiting I pulled and massaged my willy trying to tease it out eventually I managed some normality but only about 2 inches however time was up the door opened I quickly pulled the cotton sheet over me, the nurse by then was back in the room she then explained the doctor was busy so she would have to examine me and explain the procedure, she put on some latex gloves came to one side of the bed my wife on the other side, the nurse then took hold of the sheet and said right lets have a look, what we have got here, the look on her face as she revealed all said it all, had she spoken what she thought it would have been in the words of paul daniels "not a lot" she looked up at my wife and smiled in a way that said oh dear how do you cope, my wife bless her trying to mean well but highlighting the point said its normally a bit bigger I said a bit to which she said well 5 inches isnt huge dear is it the nurse let out a laugh that she quickly stifled , the nurse embarrassed began the exam she took hold of my penis with a finger and thumb with one hand and grabbed my balls with the other, why she held my penis god knows not like it was that big and in the way it wasnt it was stuck up under its own steam like a walnut whip in no ones way, as the embarrassing examination and explaining was nearly at an end my wife said to the nurse can I take a video on my phone, its your husband up to you , with you holding his willy and balls and explaining, ok said the nurse , hang on don't I get a say in this, no came back the answer, why do you want a video, to show my mother what they are going to do she is really curious, great I thought my mother in law gets to see my small willy things can't get any worse, how wrong I was. We left the clinic and 2 days later my appointment came through I booked time off work for the procedure. My wife drove me and was with me but wasn't allowed in it was a good job a nurse fetched me and took me to the room I walked in the room a decent size room in the room was the table a desk 3 chairs but most surprisingly a female doctor to assistants at the table another sat at the desk 2 more sorting towels and blankets and 1 more a girl only about 18 apparently a trainee to the side, come in said the doctor take a seat, the nurse at the desk gave me a form to sign which I did she then passed me a gown and said can you undress and put on the gown I looked around for curtains or screen but there was'nt any I had no choice I stood up and undressed I was just about to remove my shorts when a knock came to the door the nurse said just a moment she went to the door had a conversation with someone smiled and said ok, in her hand was a phone my wifes phone a receptionist had brought it to the door the nurse said your wife said you agreed to allow the procedure to be filmed, I did but I thought my wife had forgotten I explained, are you ok with it yes I said. The nurse passed the phone to the young girl the nurse said you can carry on trouble was I was even more nervous than before so when I removed my shorts exposing myself fully as I felt every pair of eyes on my penis it was obvious the interview nurse had told them how little I was so they all came to see, it was then I realised the young girl wasn't just filming the procedure but me standing with a shrivelled up willy. I picked up the gown put it on proceded to the table, everythng from then on went well job done the 2 assistants dressed me which was weird the ordeal over, strange but the thought of all those women even though it was to see a small willy had come and had viewed me naked the thought excited me so much so that I looked forward to showing my mother in law both videos. A week later we went to the mother in laws she lived alone having lost her husband a couple of years ago as we sat down with a cuppa my wife got her phone and put the videos onto the big tv, the thought my in law was going to see a video of me naked excited me in a strange way as she watched the video she laughed she then patted her daugthers leg in a supportive way and gave a ah well smile and look, she then looked at me patted my leg and said never mind you have a nice body shame your willy is on the small side, she then turned to her daughter and said your fathers was huge you know it used to hang out of his shorts how I miss it still I suppose a small one is better than nothing, my wife smiled, realising her mother had played her and only enquired about me having the snip and what it entailed and having it filmed was a ploy to see my willy made my wife annoyed I on the other hand quite liked the idea I liked it so much I now don't avoid situations where I am exposed as a result I visit naturist sites , my wife doesn't purposely join in but doesnt mind and has allowed things to happen in a on many occasions, I think secretly she likes the ridicule that I sometimes get as usually after an adventure we have great sex.


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  • You are a disease on life and a pathetic writer of these fake doctor nurse stories.
    For hopefully the last time no healthcare professional will risk their career, license and face possible legal problems, committing, touching or helping anyone sexually period. That would be the fastest way to lose their job have their license to treat patients revoked. They can also be legally prosecuted for sexual assault and sued for touching patients in anyway sexually!
    Tiny cock and even smaller brain is your problem not theirs ASS WIPE!

    Right now they are facing the hardest times in their careers treating Covid patients and instead of insulting them! You should be thanking them and hoping if you or someone you know gets Covid or any life treating illness, they can save you life ASSHOLE!
    If it was up to me I would let you die Douche Bag!

  • While they are saving lives your reading stories of a sexual nature some true some obviously fake or at least exaggerated greatly, who is the arsehole someone writing bullshit or someone reading it and getting morally outraged bet healthcare workers are proud to have you defend their morals on such a website your the arsehole don't read the articles or better yet don't visit the site if its content offends you hypocrite

  • Go fuck yourself asshole. You write fucked up shit and you are going to get shit right back at you! Your fucking fake fucked up story is exactly that! Shit! Now go eat some shit or stop writing shit and write something thats kinda believable ASS WIPE! Not something so unbelievable it's pathetic and lame.

    And yes the healthcare professionals are going through hell and they deserve respect and a thank you!
    Not a lame piece of shit you keep writing.
    Just because you have a small dick don't mean you have to take that out on them. So get some help or kill your self asshole either way I don't give a fuck.

    BTW I'm a retired EMT and find what you write to be very repulsive and disgusting so fuck you! You keep writing about them like you do and I will keep insulting you and your fucked up story ASSHOLE!

  • Get something straight dickhead I didn't write the story way too long for me I was making the point that anyone on this site myself included reading this stuff doesn't have the right to be morally upset by its content no one denies the nhs deserve our respect my point is this is not the place to shout it, anyone can pretend to be anything on here EMT my arse tell u what get a burner phone put the number on here I will text you a place to meet where we can meet lets see how fucking outraged you are then because if you say the shit you have said to me here I will beat the fucking crap out of you, how do you like that you fucked up wanker

  • Fuck off loser! I was an EMT but the pay was to low and moved up to better things!
    You think you so fucking tuff over this internet!
    But I don't fucking care how tuff you are and wether you can kick my ass or not! Because thats not tuff asshole! Tuff is when I get back up again and again to kick your fucking ass Pussy!
    My father first knocked me when I was 8 so i'm fucking used to it! So you would have to fucking kill me! I'm 56 now and only lost one fight!

    I don't give a fuck what you believe or not dumb ass! Because I don't have to make up a fake life like you do loser.

    Is this all you got asshole! This place where you can write fucked up fake stories and jerk off to the fucking replies! Why don't you just do everyone around you and kill yourself loser.

    What you write about women is why you are a lonely loser and no woman in her right mind would even come close to you!

    At my wife's hospital and all hospitals, she and other nurses have to put up with a few assholes just like you! You fucking think it's a hotel and they are too serve you at your beckoning call and they can't stand people like you! They walk in smiling and are so nice to you when all they want to do is smack your stupid face. I showed your fake assed stories to my wife and she told me that if you even fucking say something sexually you get a male nurse and another person to watch you! If no male nurse is around then security walks in with the nurse!

    So take your fucking fake assed shit and shove it up your ass! Thats something you would love to faggot! The only think I believe about you is the fact you have a small pecker as you admitted little button head.

  • PS there is no fucking way I would meet you! Because assholes like you won't fight but rather come with a gun and be a big man and shoot it!

  • Oh, what utter dreary bullshit.

  • Dreary? We have a English major here.

  • I got what they meant! This story is nothing but bull shit! How true that is!

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