I’m a bisexual married man

When I was growing up I was the only boy in my family I had 3 older sisters! I’m about 4 years younger than them !
We lived in a really small house !
Over time my sisters would make me wear some of their clouts! At my age I didn’t know better !
As I started to go through purity ! I knew that I was a boy but i felted like a girl trapped in a boy’s body ! So as I got older I let my hair grow long ! Over time it was down to the top of my ass ! I’d always pull it back into a ponytail all of the girls loved my hair!
When I went to school I would be dressed like a boy but felling like a girl. !I didn’t know why I fitted in with the girls more then I did with the boys !
In high school I tried going out with a girl but it didn’t befell right to me! So after I finished school! I started to go to country college in North Carolina that’s where I was able to fit in ! Nobody knew who I was but over time I made some friends! I guess that we all the the odd balls in school! Over time we clicked really well ! We all had open minds about life and how hard it really is !
So finally I decided to open up to them and let them know how I feel inside boys ! All they told me as they understand that I’m going through !
We all had to go through the same thing when they where growing up !
In my dorm room I had a box full of woman’s panties and bras! But I don’t tell them about my box in my closet hidden !
So a few months go by ! Then I have a few drinks with my friends and tell them about my box of woman’s panties ! And they reply was so what they didn’t care if was wearing woman’s panties !or not we are friends we don’t judge our friends ! After I told them about my box of woman’s panties they wanted to see them and what kind of panties I liked wearing !
So I invited them my dorm room and pulled out my box of woman’s panties ! I opened up my box of woman’s panties and showed them. ! I dumped them out on my bed so they can really see how many panties I have to wear! In my room was 3 guys and 2 girls including me ! All of my panties are from Victoria secrets bothering but sexy and silky panties!
I even told them that I’m wearing a pair right now !
They said no way show us if your telling us the truth ! So I dropped my pants down to my knees and showed them !
They told me that I’m look so sexy in my panties ! But I need to tell you guys something about me ! I’m still a Virgin ! One of the girls said to me that your a virgin but not for long we will get you lauded very soon ! After I told them I was a virgin they started to look at me like I was fresh meat needing get my cherry poped for the first time!
I noticed that they started to touch them selves! I started to get Horny ! Just thinking about what’s about to happen!
One of the girls walked up to me and in my ear that your about to lose your cherry to us ! So just lay down in your bed and we will make your dreams come true ! So I laid down on my bed and closed my eyes and waited to see what’s going to happen to me ! I started to fell hands felling all over of my body! Now I’m getting so nervous and scared because I’ve never been in a situation like this! One of the girls told me not to worry about it we will take our time with you and be gentle on you ! All you need to do is tell us to stop if you want us to stop !!
By now I’m not turning back it’s going to be a little bit hard for me to get laid my first time by so many people at once’s ! But I know that I’m so fucking horny now that I really need this to happen! Yes I’ve been ducking myself n my ass with a dildo for a few years but nothing like going to finally be fucked with the real thing !!
Before I knew it I felt my dick being sucked be a girl !
Han I started to look around to see that the rest of them are playing with them selves while watching me getting my dick sucked for my first time !
That made me so much more horny watching them watching me get my dick sucked !
In time I was told to roll over onto my belly so they can eat my ass !
I did what they told me to do ! That’s when I felt my ass getting spread wide open and started to fell a tongue licking my asshole ! It was such a amazing feeling !
That’s when I decided to ask one of the girls to come sit down on the bed in front of me with her legs spread open for me to try to lick her pussy ! I wasn’t sure how it was going to taste !
So she got down on the bed in front of me and and moved just under my face so I can start to eat her pussy the taste was so amazing to me!
She started to grind her pussy in my face so hard that I wasn’t able to breath !
But I really didn’t fucking care at all !
I was in heaven now !
A few minutes later I noticed that I had something getting pushed into my ass I felt so good before I knew it he had all of his dick balls deep inside of my ass !
Now I tell them to stop right now so I can turn over onto my back so I can look at the guys face that’s ducking me in my ass ! Now that I’m on my back he starts ducking my ass again ! But this time I have them taking turns pounding my ass and now I have the girls taking turns sitting on my face ! If they are not fucking me they are sucking me ! I’m enjoying it so much I want to shot my load so bad but I’m trying to hold it back as long as I can ! I want them to Cumm first ! So I made all of the guys Cumm in m open mouth ! Because I never had a man Cumm inside of my mouth !
I only tasted mu own Cumm !
When they Dumped their nloadsvin my mouth !
I almost bypassed out from the felling of all of their Cumm in my mouth and swallowed all of it not one drop wasted ! AT ALL in enjoyed every drop even having the girls squirting all over me made me shot such a large load of joCumm before never shot before in my life it so intense ! I felt like My body was out of control !
I’ve never felt so good like I did did that day ! From that day on I became more confident in myself and who I am !
So I started to date other people around town until I meet the perfect person to fit my needs ! We dated for a few years until he had to move to another state! We still keep in touch with each other ! But now I’m single and ready to mingle !!
I really miss him a lot but we all need to move on with our own life’s ! He made me fell comfortable in my mind and body like nobody else bid for me !
Other than my friends that popped
My cherry for my first time ever !

10 months ago

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    • I love sucking on a mans fat hard dick and suck on his balls and make dump his load in my mouth and make me swallow every drop of his hot load hot load and make me gag on his dick as I’m trying to swallow his load and tell me I suck dick like a pro !
      No gag reflex at all ! 👍

    • Yes, but, are you any good at ducking, and love to get ducked ?

    • Their is nothing better than having a fat hard cock in your mouth and let him Cumm into your mouth and hold it in your mouth to get all of the flavor in your mouth and swallow every last drop!
      And he will definitely Cumm back to you again and again to let you suck his cock again!
      Once a cock sucker always a cock ducker ‘

    • Sweetie, that's fupped-duck !

    • Your a transgender woman enjoy

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