Co-workers dirty panty

My workplace has recently hired some women but they share the same locker room right now because they are renovating to build them their own. As it stands we share the space the process is if the door is shut you knock and ask if they are decent. If using the toilet or showering you lock the door until you are done. Our employer has provided us with a gym. The other day Jo was in doing squats and i could see the top of her panties. Purple lace peeking out over top of her track pants. She left at shift change and i got to wondering if she may have left her painties behind in her locker. I go into the change room, lock the door and open her locker. There on the bottom were her track pants and socks. Underneath was the purple panties a lace top thong. I bring them to my nose and they are still damp and covered in a white cream in the gusset. I checked the schedule and found out she was off on holidays for a week. I took her panties home and used them to sniff and masterbate for the week planning to bring them back and put them where I found them. On my return to work, her panties in my hand I open her locker to replace them only to find her workout clothes gone. She worked an overtime shift and took her clothes. Now I don't know what to do with her panties. I just can't leave them in the bottom of her locker.

10 months ago

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    • Put them in the lost and found

    • I just took my first pair of panties. I like that I can smell them anytime I want too vs when I find myself alone with a pair. I would keep them if she hasn't said anything already.

    • Would she know it was you?

    • No not likely as I really don't pay any attention to her at work

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