My submissive panty sniffer

My gf and I entered into a Dom/Sub relationship with each other recently. She’s excited that I’m leading her and pushing her limits. She is a “good girl” with a high sex drive. I’ve introduced using her panties as a gag and also making her smell them as I play with her. She enjoys it a lot. Recently I was at her best friends house and managed to get a really sexy smelling pair of her panties. That night, with my girl blindfolded and no way of knowing about her friends panties, I pushed her nose into the gusset and she came almost instantly over and over again with intense squirting orgasms. She apologized for cumming without permission but said the scent of her panties and the way they tasted this time made her cum over and over. She’s never licked the panties before without my instruction but said they turned her on so much that she couldn’t stop herself. Before I removed her binding on her wrists and blindfold, I switched the panties back with hers. She has no idea that the taste of her best friends pussy made her cum like that. I’m tempted to tell her for a repeat but I don’t know how to explain taking her friends panties in the first place. God it was so hot!!!! I love my little submissive panty sniffer.

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  • That is hot!

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