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Guy with tits

I'm a bi male. I'm not fat but ever since I reached puberty I developed great set of perky tits I guess from some sort of hormonal imbalance and I'm really happy with them. Guys who haven't done anything with a guy become really happy with it when they see my lovely tits. Dick in one hand and my tit in another. LOVE IT

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I love the site, but wish it was updated more often. Also -- I wish you included many more confessions and stories about how much we married men like to suck cock. Because an awful lot of us do suck cock --- and we love it. Thank you.

Married man and a best buddy

I've been married to my wife for 10 years. We have sex a couple times a week. However, I have had a jack off buddy for the last 4 years.
Mark and I have been working together for 8 years. We talk about everything at work. It's usually just me and him for the first 6 hours. We have talked about whether or not we jack off and how often. We both... [more]

Spit Roasting

I'm really getting interested in Spit Roasting; getting cock in both ends at the same time. I can't imagine how nice it would be to have a well hung white guy plowing my ass slow and gentle and hard and fast before seeding me ... and at the same time have a big black uncut cock sliding in and out of my mouth --- making me work on his big cock head... [more]

Pics of me sucking dick


A couple years ago my husband convinced me to let other men have sex with me as he watched. We have done this numerous times now. The other day I went through his phone and seen he was on a chat site called kik, he has been jacking off and watching others jack off and sometimes hes been wearing my panties and stuff. I think he wanted me to have... [more]

Which way is it? Gay or Str8?

I'm a married man and I've always heard that if your dick gets hard when you're sucking another man's cock --- that it means you are gay.
Well, I love sucking cock, and my little dick does not get hard when I have a cock in my mouth. It remains flaccid. Even when I'm giving a blow job to my favorite big black uncut cock.
So, does that mean I... [more]

His wife knows all about us

OK, so I'm over at my buddy Mark's house getting my ass fucked by his 9" horse cock while I'm bent over a coffee table in his family room. Mark has always fucked me bareback and his stamina is unbelievable; it's not unusual for him to ride me for a good 15-20 minutes before cumming (usually inside of me). Tonight was particularly intense. When... [more]

Father in law

Does anyone else have fantasies of their father-in-law?? I kno its wrong but I'm in my early 30's. He's 57 and hot as hell!! He has strawberry blonde/greying hair on his head, arms and a bushy chest that sticks out of his button shirt!! We've worked on several projects together and any chance I get to check his package out I do!! And boy is it a... [more]


how does it feel for a guy to recieve anal sex from another man?

I give head

Can sucking cock turn me gay? I started a couple weeks ago and every time I drink now, I end up giving another blowjob. I've given 4 different guys head now but if it won't 'turn me' then I'm ok right??

I never planned to, it just happened

I have always been very good about always using protection when fucking, always insisting guy wear 1 before going anywhere near my ass and I never imagined not using condoms let alone wanted to. Guys always seemed to try to convince me to fuck BB but I always refused.
I had gone out with a few friends clubbing last night and around 2am I was... [more]

Dirtiest Kind of Sex?

What is the absolute gayest sex thing you can do with another man? 1. Jerk him off 2. Suck his cock 3. Let him cum inside your butt 4. Let him cum all over your cock

Sucked Another Guy's Cock

My name is Jeremei and once I sucked another man's cock. Im engaged to a woman, is sucking another man's cock gay? Yes, I swallowed.

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