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Guy with tits

I'm a bi male. I'm not fat but ever since I reached puberty I developed great set of perky tits I guess from some sort of hormonal imbalance and I'm really happy with them. Guys who haven't done anything with a guy become really happy with it when they see my lovely tits. Dick in one hand and my tit in another. LOVE IT

Married man and a best buddy

I've been married to my wife for 10 years. We have sex a couple times a week. However, I have had a jack off buddy for the last 4 years.
Mark and I have been working together for 8 years. We talk about everything at work. It's usually just me and him for the first 6 hours. We have talked about whether or not we jack off and how often. We both... [more]

More stories

I love the site, but wish it was updated more often. Also -- I wish you included many more confessions and stories about how much we married men like to suck cock. Because an awful lot of us do suck cock --- and we love it. Thank you.

Spit Roasting

I'm really getting interested in Spit Roasting; getting cock in both ends at the same time. I can't imagine how nice it would be to have a well hung white guy plowing my ass slow and gentle and hard and fast before seeding me ... and at the same time have a big black uncut cock sliding in and out of my mouth --- making me work on his big cock head... [more]

Pics of me sucking dick


A couple years ago my husband convinced me to let other men have sex with me as he watched. We have done this numerous times now. The other day I went through his phone and seen he was on a chat site called kik, he has been jacking off and watching others jack off and sometimes hes been wearing my panties and stuff. I think he wanted me to have... [more]

Which way is it? Gay or Str8?

I'm a married man and I've always heard that if your dick gets hard when you're sucking another man's cock --- that it means you are gay.
Well, I love sucking cock, and my little dick does not get hard when I have a cock in my mouth. It remains flaccid. Even when I'm giving a blow job to my favorite big black uncut cock.
So, does that mean I... [more]

Caught wearing panties again

I got caught wearing a thong for a second time. This time, I decided to wear one in a busier place so I decided that it was time to wear one to a department store. This time, I decided to wear my hot pink thong under my jeans. I had been doing some shopping and had all but forgotten about my thong. When I noticed that my shoelaces were untied, I... [more]

His wife knows all about us

OK, so I'm over at my buddy Mark's house getting my ass fucked by his 9" horse cock while I'm bent over a coffee table in his family room. Mark has always fucked me bareback and his stamina is unbelievable; it's not unusual for him to ride me for a good 15-20 minutes before cumming (usually inside of me). Tonight was particularly intense. When... [more]


how does it feel for a guy to recieve anal sex from another man?

Kristy Lynn a married crossdressing husband

I am a 58 y/o married husband and I love to be femmy and submissive and love to dress in panties 24/7. I only wear and buy women's panties. I love to wear bikini style panties silky and lacy and see through size 7. I use to fully crossdress before I got married and also had a bisexual experience with a black Dom and loved it. I am very submissive... [more]

Father in law

Does anyone else have fantasies of their father-in-law?? I kno its wrong but I'm in my early 30's. He's 57 and hot as hell!! He has strawberry blonde/greying hair on his head, arms and a bushy chest that sticks out of his button shirt!! We've worked on several projects together and any chance I get to check his package out I do!! And boy is it a... [more]

I give head

Can sucking cock turn me gay? I started a couple weeks ago and every time I drink now, I end up giving another blowjob. I've given 4 different guys head now but if it won't 'turn me' then I'm ok right??

Sucked Another Guy's Cock

My name is Jeremei and once I sucked another man's cock. Im engaged to a woman, is sucking another man's cock gay? Yes, I swallowed.

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