LGBT Confessions

Married man and a best buddy

I've been married to my wife for 10 years. We have sex a couple times a week. However, I have had a jack off buddy for the last 4 years.
Mark and I have been working together for 8 years. We talk about everything at work. It's usually just me and him for the first 6 hours. We have talked about whether or not we jack off and how often. We both... [more]

Its been years

Years ago when I was in College I had an experience. I had spent the evening cramming for up coming exam while my room mate was out partying. Later that evening when he returned with a friend I heard them come in drunk as I was in bed. Not thinking anything unusual just 3 guys in a dorm room I went back to sleep.maybe 30 minutes later I felt... [more]

My Daughters Bi Boyfriend

A few years ago my daughter was in a relationship and, because they could not afford the rent on their flat they moved in with me and my wife. Both were in their early 20s at the time and to be honest it was a bit of a pain in the ass having someone back in the house.
He was always on my computer, especially it seemed, when there was no one... [more]

Is sissy porn turning me gay?

I am white, married, successful and quite straight but i began to look at sissy porn and i think it has changed me. Over the period of a year i now have a panty drawer filled with nothing but pink panties. i own a bra, wearing nighties to bed every night, shaved my legs, and have thrown out most of my male underwear so give me less of a choice... [more]

Caught in the act

So a week ago, my wife caught me having gay sex. Not just having gay sex but a gay threesome. I've been having a gay affair with a former classmate(just graduated college) for about 9 months now. My wife is almost not interested in sex. She never gives head, doesn't want me to eat her pussy even though she enjoyed it. We have sex probably twice a... [more]


So im a 17 year old guy and my mom just remaried this guy named john. Im gay but she doesnt know that. One day i got up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water, i sleep naked and i didnt think that anyone was awake so i walked upstairs with my 8 inch dick hanging in all its pride and glory. While wen i got to the kitchen john was there... [more]

Ass for Citation

I got pulled over by a cop one night for going 90 in a 45 limit. It was about 2am out in the middle of no where. Cop says I'm supposed to take you to jail for going that fast here. I said I'm sorry and what could I do? (not really thinking clearly just nervous to get arrested) He asks me to get out of the car, then place my hands on the hood. He... [more]

The old man in the basement

Last summer my uncle was having a problem with the guy who lives in the basement and he told me to talk to the guy. I'm 18 and the guy in the basement was around 45-50 and I'd seen him before, also I noticed him always looking out his window when I used the hot tub. So when I was told to talk to him I did when my uncle and his family went on their... [more]

Hotel pleasures

When I was 17 (I'm now 31) My mom got me a part time job in the hotel she worked in as a receptionist, to partly pay my way through college, as we didn't have much money (My dad died when I was six). I was a room service porter and as such, I'd take up the clients breakfasts or lunch time meals. (I didn't work later than 3pm). After a few weeks I... [more]

Married men

So I'm a married man. I'm 36 years old. I've been married for 8 years now. I'm not ashamed to admit that I have been cheating on her for about 5-6 years of our marriage. About a year ago something happened that ended up being the start of something pretty amazing.
So my wife was out of town for the weekend. She was visiting her sister. I... [more]

One time gay sex

I was in the service in the 70's many years ago, and after Basic I went to advanced training.
One day for breakfast they had SOS, and everybody said that they hated it, but when I put out my tray I told the cook how much I liked the stuff..
He went and gave me a bowl of the stuff. The next day we were all squezed in to the chow hall because... [more]

The lodger

Five months ago my wife suggested we take in a lodger short term, to help pay our monthly bills (After getting a loan). I interviewed two young men and three women who applied to share our home, after I'd advertised locally. My wife was instantly against having another female in the house, so I chose a nineteen year old young man called Alex to... [more]

My Same Sex first time

When I was 22 I worked on a remote pacific Island. The foriegn workers like me were housed in a small stand alone unit. As it was tropical the windows had shutters that could be left open to let the breeze blow through. Because I was young and the lack of sexual partners availiable I was constantly horny and often maturbated in the evenings at... [more]

Cum dump

When I was a lot younger our neighbor took my virgin ass and ever since then I loved getting ass fucked and most of all feeling their cum being pumped into me. The big let down was once they gave me their cum they were thru fucking me and I always wanted more.
Then he did it he invited several of his friends to give me a big fucking. He started... [more]

Sitting on a old mans lap

I don't know how I feel about this day at my friends house. There was a small group of us playing around in the back yard and we all hanged out in a shed set up with a few couch's.A older guy was there just hanging with us out back and my friend joking around ended up that they locked the shed door leaving me with him .Me and him started play... [more]

Family ties

Every couple of weeks or so, my wife and I visit and stay over at her fathers house. He's divorced from my wife's mother and was before I met him, although they sometimes get together for long weekends away. (Don't ask)
I met my wife though her father, after I started working for him in the building trade. He owns a company which even through the... [more]

How I became a total bottom

Okay well It started with just a simple game of truth or dare when I was 12 or 13 with a few friends during summer break. That was the first day I put a cock in my mouth. for the next few years till I went into the service I sucked a few regular friends off. Skipped doing it while in the service, got married, had a couple kids then got divorced... [more]

,my uncle gave it to me big time

I was 16 at the time it all started and we were at a family gathering at the beach. My uncle Ron you barely left my side started in teasing me and out of fun I teased him back. It wasn't long till he said let's go for a walk and I joined him and just about soon as we ducked around the corner of the building he took hold of me and planted a big... [more]

Rest Stop

I have never told a soul this story. It happened 14 years ago. I was 19...
I was engaged... For the longest time I was gay curious. But specifically for much older men. I would watch grandpa fucking teens porn, and would find myself wishing I was the young girl. I found myself fantasizing about getting fucked in the ass by and old man - while I... [more]

Finally getting fucked!

My husband has had a big hang up regarding anal sex. We've been together for 21 years and he has never fucked me until last week. I finally told him I was not going the rest of my life with out it. He enjoys when I do him, I had to have it. I felt really hurt and rejected by this and finally reached my limit. I told him my patience is gone, that I... [more]

Mormon boy

Around twelve months ago I was home alone as my wife was at work. It was raining really hard and the wind was blowing strongly too. Nearing lunch time I heard the door bell go and answered to see a half drowned young man stood on our porch. He told me he was there to preach me the word of god and to see if we, my wife and I would like to join... [more]

Hottub with my wife, brother, and his boyfriend...

So the wife and i are staying at my brothers house for the weekend. He is gay, and his BF lives with him. She knows i am bi, as does he, but nothing has ever happened between myself and any of his gay friends... Anyway, we had dinner, and were drinking and smoking, then went into the hottub, all of us naked. Actually not the first time for that... [more]

He hasn't told anyone.

I'm a straight guy with a girlfriend and happy but I have always wanted to try it with a guy.
One weekend my girlfriend went away for the weekend with her girlfriends and when she came back she broke down in tears and told me that she kissed and went down on one of her friends while they were away. I was annoyed, but obviously a little turned... [more]

My gay neighbor

I never thought in a million years I would let a man fuck my ass but I did yesterday, not only one but two.
I knew my neighbors were gay but it didn't bother me as long as they didn't try anything with me but that all changed yesterday when I fell off of my ladder as I was cleaning out my gutters and they came over and helped me up and into my... [more]

I never planned to, it just happened

I have always been very good about always using protection when fucking, always insisting guy wear 1 before going anywhere near my ass and I never imagined not using condoms let alone wanted to. Guys always seemed to try to convince me to fuck BB but I always refused.
I had gone out with a few friends clubbing last night and around 2am I was... [more]

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