LGBT Confessions

Married man and a best buddy

I've been married to my wife for 10 years. We have sex a couple times a week. However, I have had a jack off buddy for the last 4 years.
Mark and I have been working together for 8 years. We talk about everything at work. It's usually just me and him for the first 6 hours. We have talked about whether or not we jack off and how often. We both... [more]

I want to suck a black guy

Im a white guy and i have a huge fantasy of sucking a black guy. Ive been with a few snaller white guys but the thought of a huge black guy in my mouth is just a huge turn on. my only problem is i dont know where to find a black guy who would be into it. Anybody else have this fantasy or done this?

Daughter dyked out on the floor

My daughter is 18 and about to attend college on a softball scholarship. I'm a single dad. She works out with friends from her HS team often so there's always people over.
I came home early the other day and my daughter was in a 69 with her friend Brooke. They jumped up and covered themselves, but really that was too bad. They looked nice with... [more]

Guy with tits

I'm a bi male. I'm not fat but ever since I reached puberty I developed great set of perky tits I guess from some sort of hormonal imbalance and I'm really happy with them. Guys who haven't done anything with a guy become really happy with it when they see my lovely tits. Dick in one hand and my tit in another. LOVE IT

Bored and horny

So several years ago I'm just fooling around in Walmart. Not looking for anything specific. Just killing time when I run into an old friend. We chit chat and she tells me she is having a party if I want to come. I agree and she asks me to bring some beer. So I get directions, go to a liquor store and get some cold beers.
So the party isn't... [more]

I think I turned my bf BI, and I like it!

Oh sweetie you have to experience watching two guys fuck!!! I convinced maybe con’d my bf into fucking a gay friend of mine. We all got drunk and a little high. I slipped my bf a Cialis and kept getting him hard with his pants on. After a few hours of this my gay friend said if I wouldn’t get him off he would. He pulled my bfs cock out of his... [more]

My first trip to Book store as a teen

When I was 19 I went to a Adult book store to check it out. I went to one about 20 minutes away so nobody saw my car. I went it,saw stuff on walls,products in display cases and counter,and saw a sign for video booths. I went through the door and went into a booth and inserted quarters . After a few minutes the stall door slowly opened a guy came... [more]

I can’t believe I did this

I’ve never told anyone this before and I guess since it’s completely anonymous I will confess something.
My college gf was home visiting her parents. It was Friday and I came home quite drunk and as soon as I stepped through the door I stripped down completely at the door and headed to the shower. My roommate at the time was a tiny guy. Maybe... [more]

Wife caught me being a sissy panty slut

Ever since I was a little boy I knew I was a little different. I would rather play dolls and dress up with my sister's, then go out and play sports and do boy things with my brothers.
When I was around 10 yrs old, and my one sister that was 12, were playing house. This time for some reason she told me I was the mommy and she was the daddy. Well... [more]

Caught Crossdressing and Loved It!

When I get the house to myself and I know I’m not going to be disturbed, I like to indulge in my secret passion of crossdressing.
This morning was one of those days and after my morning shower I sifted through my considerable collection of undies, costumes, wigs etc for something sexy to wear.
I chose a black lace waist cinching corset which... [more]

First glory hole

I remember walking into the rest area bathroom, it was like all of the other bathrooms on the outside. Nothing special, until I entered the stall, then I found a whole new world to me. It wasn't anything elaborate, just a partition wall with drawings of dicks, and sayings written on it with a hole in it.
I sat down on the toilet, I saw the... [more]

More stories

I love the site, but wish it was updated more often. Also -- I wish you included many more confessions and stories about how much we married men like to suck cock. Because an awful lot of us do suck cock --- and we love it. Thank you.

One time gay sex

I was in the service in the 70's many years ago, and after Basic I went to advanced training.
One day for breakfast they had SOS, and everybody said that they hated it, but when I put out my tray I told the cook how much I liked the stuff..
He went and gave me a bowl of the stuff. The next day we were all squezed in to the chow hall because... [more]

How I became a total bottom

Okay well It started with just a simple game of truth or dare when I was 12 or 13 with a few friends during summer break. That was the first day I put a cock in my mouth. for the next few years till I went into the service I sucked a few regular friends off. Skipped doing it while in the service, got married, had a couple kids then got divorced... [more]

My Daughters Bi Boyfriend

A few years ago my daughter was in a relationship and, because they could not afford the rent on their flat they moved in with me and my wife. Both were in their early 20s at the time and to be honest it was a bit of a pain in the ass having someone back in the house.
He was always on my computer, especially it seemed, when there was no one... [more]

How I became a fag

I was staying over at a friends house. his parents went out for a few hours. We started watching some porn and we both got hard ons. We eventually were jerking each other off. And he said why don't we try blowing each other. So I went first. I sucked him really long and hard. He came in my mouth and said swallow it. I did. I then asked him to suck... [more]

Obsessed with Cock

What can I say? I had been curious for years. I had no idea that by opening my mouth and letting him stuff it with his big, hard dick, that I would turn into a helpless, cum craving whore.
Ok, I had some idea....I love cock. I loved the first taste, I love how it feels when he pumps my mouth. I love feeling his head down my throat. I... [more]


Any men like to play with dildos in their ass

I gave my room mate a bj and loved it

My room mate and I were hanging out one night, he went for a shower and I watched tv .. He came out naked and went for a beer. He caught me looking at his cock and said Paul, do you mind if i stay like this ? I said sure , whatever .
I kept looking at his cock off and on , finally Jerry got up , turned off the light and I thought he was going to... [more]

Panties in the park

I love wearing nylon panties. I started as a teen and have worn them ever since. I also love sucking cock and getting fucked. I have a park nearby that I go to cruise for horny men. I wear just a t-shirt and a pair of nylon running shorts slit up the sides with my lacy nylon vanity fair panties on underneath. I always make sure they are showing as... [more]

Gay in closet

Im 56 gay in the closet my wife has no idea i suck cock and swallow cum im in a sexless marriage. I love cock inside my butthole raw and bareback and cum in me. Love kissing a man and wear panties

My wife doesn't know.

I've been happily married for 23 years, We have 3 children and My wife and I have a great sex life. But sometimes I go to adult bookstores and suck off total strangers. I've never wanted to be fucked or sucked in return. I'm just aroused by the secrecy and and thrill of it, and if I'm honest I love sucking cocks especially at gloryholes.

Loving cock

I have always cross dressed. My wife knows and we have fun when i do. But for the last 5 months i have been meeting a truck driver at a hotel. I dress as a woman and service his cock with my mouth and ass. I love it. he is so manly i just love how it feels when he is inside me. Nothing excites me like this.

Wife's fantasy

Three days ago my wife told me she'd filmed the whole thing.
What she was talking about was something I thought I'd never accept or be involved in.
Her fantasy since we met, was to see another man fuck my ultra cute ass.
She's always enjoyed my ass. Licking and sometimes fingering it during sex, but I'd always said no to her using a dildo... [more]

I gave my best friend a blowjob ,it was unplanned

We were just hanging out ,burning a few , and talking about all kinds of stuff ,and I said to him ,do you think girls like sucking cock ? Or just do it because its what you do ? He says you want to find out ? I said how can we find out ? He said blow me ,then you'll know . I said no,im good and the night progressed .
Then he says come on dude,my... [more]

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