LGBT Confessions

Video booth pleasure

I’m a guy that enjoys cross dressing. I enjoyed going to the adult book store and theater and wearing garters and stockings with pretty panties. I enjoyed seeing if I could find men that would give me what I wanted.
One evening I went and while looking at the magazines I saw a guy watching me. I showed him I was looking at magazines about men... [more]

Confession to ex wife

I got together with my ex wife after years of us being separated. While we talked I admitted to her that I cross dressed and had taken some of her clothes and still wear them. She asked if I would bring some next weekend and show her, I said I would if she wanted me to.
I arrived the next Friday and told her I would be dressed when she got... [more]

Penis Size Question

I had a playmate, and when we were kids, and bathing together, his penis was pretty small. So was mine, if, maybe a little bigger than his. However, as adults he was the size of an egg roll, while soft, but his erection measured eight and three-quarter inches, big around as a paper towel cardboard tube. Another kid I knew, at five years, could lay... [more]

Proud Sissy Boy

I'm male, 18 years old, and a proud cross dresser. I like girl's clothes. There's really all there is to it, aside from obviously being gay. Girl's clothes are more comfortable than men's, and have lasted longer than any other clothes I've owned. Skirts especially are one of my favorite things to wear, but I've been getting into lingerie recently... [more]

I miss it

I miss the taste of cock!!! I haven’t had a cock in my mouth in over a year, and before that it had been like 10 years. I am a straight acting male who doesn’t find men sexually or romantically attractive but love the feel of a nice cock in my mouth. Anyone near Montana wanna help out?!

Finally caving

So I worked at a Best buy in the warehouse several years ago. My boss was bisexual. He didn't talk with any kind of lisp or anything. If you saw him, he was just every other guy. He hit on me all the time. Now, I had previous experience with men before I had ever encountered Randy. I just didnt want anyone to know I was interested in men. This was... [more]

Was straight till I had a thing with my gay friend n naborer

When I was 21 I woukd hang out with my gay friend n naborer n wed drink vodka but one night as we drank n watched porn I got horny n strted to jerk off not knowing wht woukd happen next as I stroked slow n Long he leans in and starts to suck me felt kinda strange to have another man suck me but also felt good as I was horny n tad drunk he kept... [more]

Do you fantasize about this too?

Does anyone else get these feelings on and off about wishing you had a vagina? In the last few months I noticed i think about it a lot more, what it would be like to have my own pussy, to see what women feel when they're having sex, to feel my vagina all day as I work. I've had a recurring fantasy where i leave all dolled up wearing my pink dress... [more]

The bite

I was at the gay pride festival yesterday, and they had one of the streets blocked off for one of the parties. There was a stage, music, and a bunch of hot muscular gay guys dancing in speedos. I'm a bi male, though the wife doesn't know.
I started chatting with one of the dancers on break, and we decided to hook up. He was giving me head in... [more]

She liked it too much

I'm 33, lesbian, and have been married to my partner Kristine for two years. We've talked about having a family, possibly adopting, but we've decided to try pregnancy. She's not into getting pregnant, but I'm actually looking forward to it, so I will carry the baby. I love the idea of starting a family with her.
We looked into using a... [more]

Game entertainment.

I am I guess bi. I have the desire to be be the entertainment for a group of guys for "game day". I think it would be fun to dress or undress for them however they would like me to dress. I could walk around and get them beer and wings etc. I would make myself available to them as they would wish and be the entertainment for the day.

The feeling of a hard dick in my mouth.

I can close my eyes and remember some of the times that I sucked a nice hard cock until it filled my mouth with cum. I can remember the feeling of them inside my ass, fucking me any way they wanted, until they pumped cum deep inside of me. I enjoyed the feeling of cum leaking out of me after I offered myself to several men.
I would like to... [more]

It wouldn't matter if she had a dck or not.

I know a girl who is really fine. It should be a crime to look as good as she does. She's 27 years old, fine as hell and built like a brick s-house. Secretly I'm crazy about her but she doesn't know it. I'll never tell her either because of our age difference. She's 27 and I'm almost 70. On top of that I've secretly been a crossdresser almost my... [more]

Str8 19yo finds ts love at photo shoot

I was the guy in school that never had a problem getting girls. I was always nice to the girls but I was somewhat of a boy slut. I have a big cock and love to perform oral sex. I believe girls would tell there friends and then the friends would come on to me. I always have had some what of a sex addiction and if the girl was cute I could not say... [more]

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