LGBT Confessions

Hot man to man sex

I randomly met this guy Jason online. He invited me to his house after sending me pics of his cock and body, a video of him fucking another guy. His cock was seriously enormous and his ass looked so juicy. I met him at his house one afternoon and he greeted me at the door with a very sultry smirk. We went straight to his bedroom and he searched... [more]

Father in law trip

So I’ve always had an obsession of having sex with my father in law, he’s the manly man hairy good looking and in his late fifties. Me I’m in my thirties and know this is wrong but when we’re working on projects together especially outside seeing him sweat and in all his glory turns me on!!! We’re going on a guys trip to Las Vegas in a few weeks... [more]

I have a "BBC Collection" on my phone

So I dress in drag and act like a whore on Instagram. When I got my first dick pic from a sexy black stud in my DMs, I was hooked. I now actively encourage it in my posts, and it pays off. I LOVE having 15 different conversations at the same time with hung men who want to fuck me. Sluts have more fun!

The adult theater

Sitting in the theater, my pants unbuttoned, unzipped and open. You can see my red panties, and my red garter straps leading to my stockings, as I rub on my cock. A guy sits down a few seats away from me and starts rubbing himself, he quickly pulls a nice semi hard dick out of his pants. I lower the seat next to me and invite him over. ... [more]

I want to be a great at sucking dicks

I used to have a friend that was a tranny. She could suck dicks better then any sissy I know. But somewhere down the line we lost touch. But I want to learn to suck dicks like she could. Boy, she could really suck a dick!! She only had to go down on you one time and you would expload. I want to learn to suck like that. I probably need lots of... [more]

Horny trangender

I'm a trans girl ( pre op) and pan romantic lesbian, I'm always horny and a big slut/whore.I love wearing short skirt for my ass to be groped or rubbed against or fro girls to see my budge through my skirt, I love vaginas and a bit of cocks. UK, snap or email me to meet up if u want a relationship or u just want your pussy eaten or cock released... [more]

I want to be a woman

I'm almost 50 and the desire to be a woman is overwhelming me . I have been married to a wonderful woman for 27 years but I have from the time I was very young wanted to be female . My mom wanted daughter when I was born she used to dress me in my older sisters out grown clothes . My mother treated me better when I was dressed like a girl and I... [more]

Kristy Lynn a married crossdressing husband

I am a 58 y/o married husband and I love to be femmy and submissive and love to dress in panties 24/7. I only wear and buy women's panties. I love to wear bikini style panties silky and lacy and see through size 7. I use to fully crossdress before I got married and also had a bisexual experience with a black Dom and loved it. I am very submissive... [more]

Stalked by a lesbian

I'm being stalked by a lesbian. She's 22, smart, and we got along well from the day we first met. At first we just interacted at work, but then we started going out to lunch, and then she started asking if I wanted to do things with her on the weekends. That was when I noticed that she had a deeper interest in me.
The thing is that I'm 37... [more]

Masturbated on the back porch

My wife was away and I was horny. I like wearing panties and using dildos so late at night after dark I went out back to the porch. We can see other back yards and porches so I turned off the porch light. it was still bright from the moon but not too bright. I sat on a chair in panties and brought some lube and a dildo. Slowly at first I slid... [more]

I'm another mans girlfriend

I've been going with my current girlfriend for about nine years. What she doesn't know is that although she's my girlfriend I'm another mans girlfriend. I have been involved with him for about four years now. About three times a week when I can get away from her and get to his place I dress up very sexy for him in tight skirts and high heels and... [more]

I wish this happened to me earlier

I used to have a massive crush on my best friend. I was gay for him, I always fantasized about him. We're still teenagers, but back when we were 14 he was like 6ft, black curly hair, toned body. But he also was almost openly homophobic. He must have been compensating for the fact that he has been gay all along, but he made me too scared to tell... [more]

Closet gay

I am being married for 15 yrs no kids I am a male 41 since I was about 17 I’ve had I thing about transexual I through it was a just a faze i was going through but I thought I was straight but as I got older the Urge got stronger to suck a transsexual cock then one day I went to a a adult bookstore in a booth to watch porn I was watch then all of a... [more]

Got taken hard by a big cock

I was at a rave I was 16 yrs old never done MDMA before it was like everything was perfect and I wanted to touch everyone. I got separated like always from my friends and was meeting new people sitting on a couch. This tiny girl was between me and this other guy I didn’t know either of them. But the two of us guys had undressed this girl about 12... [more]

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