LGBT Confessions

My first gay experience

When I was 19 I started getting curious about being with men. Of course I felt really guilty about this at first but then I grew some balls and made a grindr account. I met a muscular built 38 year old on there and agreed to come to his house. I came over and we went straight for the hot tub and stripped naked and got in. He pulled me in close and... [more]

Dick pictures and more

A long time ago I put my phone number on a bathroom wall requesting dick pictures. I had some great pictures sent to me. Dicks of all sizes. From small soft dicks, to big long thick dicks. People sent me pictures of dicks dripping cum which I loved.
I enjoy all of them. I want to stroke and suck them all. I want to taste every drop of cum... [more]

Dark fantasy

I am a married and very happy. But a deep, dark fantasy of mine is to be picked up and taken home with a man who treats me like queen. He takes me as his lover and makes me his total bottom slave, but in a kind, loving way. He then “alters” my manhood so I am no longer truly a man and could never go home. I then stay with him as his companion for... [more]

Cross dressing

I’ve been cross dressing since pre teen. I would even wear panties for some of my friends while we learned about sex. I learned that I enjoyed both men and women.
I enjoy being intimate with women, I enjoy everything about the female body. With men I just enjoy the dick. I want to taste dick, taste the pre cum, have thick loads of cum... [more]

Rest Area Relief

It’s winter, under my coat and sweat pants I’m wearing my black corset with lace top stockings. I have a lace bra with “C cup false breast, and a sweet black mini skirt on. I walk inside the bathroom to shop myself off. I come back to my car and remove my pants and coat. I put my heels on, my red wig, ear rings, and apply light makeup on.
I... [more]

Enjoying The Adult Theatre

I decided to go check out the adult theater one Friday night. As I’m looking at the magazines I squatted down to see some on a low shelf and saw the guy closest to me start rubbing his dick while facing me, so I decided to tease him some. I showed him the cover of the magazine I was looking at, it had a picture of a girl starting to suck on a... [more]

Camping treat

Last summer I decided to go camping, I enjoy it and haven’t in a long time. I go to a State park not far from home, find a nice campsite that is cind of secluded. I pitched my tent, put my chair out by the fire pit. I went fishing and caught and released several nice fish enjoying the day.
Not long after returning to my camp site a guy... [more]

I love dick

I've always wanted to know why women don't tell men their secret. Women never tell men how good dick really is. I didn't know it was that good until I got my first dick up my ass. Ever since then it is all I think about. I know you're thinking I just got turned out but I still like pussy but dick is so much better. And trannies are so much sexier... [more]

I have the desire to strip for someone.

I have the desire to wear panties and strip down to just my panties. I can imagine myself just walking around in sexy little panties relaxing as if everything is usual as someone or some others are around.

Caught wearing panties again

I got caught wearing a thong for a second time. This time, I decided to wear one in a busier place so I decided that it was time to wear one to a department store. This time, I decided to wear my hot pink thong under my jeans. I had been doing some shopping and had all but forgotten about my thong. When I noticed that my shoelaces were untied, I... [more]

Hot man to man sex

I randomly met this guy Jason online. He invited me to his house after sending me pics of his cock and body, a video of him fucking another guy. His cock was seriously enormous and his ass looked so juicy. I met him at his house one afternoon and he greeted me at the door with a very sultry smirk. We went straight to his bedroom and he searched... [more]

Father in law trip

So I’ve always had an obsession of having sex with my father in law, he’s the manly man hairy good looking and in his late fifties. Me I’m in my thirties and know this is wrong but when we’re working on projects together especially outside seeing him sweat and in all his glory turns me on!!! We’re going on a guys trip to Las Vegas in a few weeks... [more]

I have a "BBC Collection" on my phone

So I dress in drag and act like a whore on Instagram. When I got my first dick pic from a sexy black stud in my DMs, I was hooked. I now actively encourage it in my posts, and it pays off. I LOVE having 15 different conversations at the same time with hung men who want to fuck me. Sluts have more fun!

The adult theater

Sitting in the theater, my pants unbuttoned, unzipped and open. You can see my red panties, and my red garter straps leading to my stockings, as I rub on my cock. A guy sits down a few seats away from me and starts rubbing himself, he quickly pulls a nice semi hard dick out of his pants. I lower the seat next to me and invite him over. ... [more]

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