LGBT Confessions

Queen neighbour.

I confess I not had sex with a man for a long time.
my neighbour a queen spoke to me.
I think I confess too much.
I told him in a note.
I would like to sleep with him yes orr no.
I would like to wear a nightie in his flat.
I am wearing a stretch black dress just now.
knickers and tights.
I hope he says yes orr no.
I would buy the drink to... [more]

Nips play

My nips are too sensitive and I love them being nibbled, stroke and then sucked by my partner. On other time he or both would stroke, lightly bite and suck on each others tits and nips while massaging our cocks using lube. As expected we end up in deep ass fucks ...

Wondering bisexual man

? How many men on this website that’s married and loves sucking on a mans hard dick and even let him cum inside of your mouth ?
And will you be willing to let him stick his Dick in your ass and let him cum in your ass .
I’d really love to how many guy’s have done one or both of these things before. I know that I’ve done both of the above... [more]

Advice me

I love cock and cock-playing. I am now into pee-slit stretching. I can now insert two knuckles of my index finger (lubed) into the slit. I want to stretch it more - any suggestion to do it at ease??

Secret from a friend

In 7th grade I had a friend who’s he me over almost every weekend for a sleepover. I knew I was gay then and had a crush on him. His moms house had a rec room in the basement with a couch and tv, and my friend had several video game systems hooked up. We used to stay up real late and we would fall asleep on the floor or on the couch, rarely... [more]

College Hookup

I had a crush on a boy in college in the 90s, freshman year. I had started hooking up in the summer that year before school and had met a few guys from AOL. It didn’t seem the guy i was interested in was gay at all, but I was hoping he was. We had many classes together and were friendly. I had offered to help him with a computer problem he was... [more]

Fridge magnet

I have just bought a fridge magnet that says bi now gay later. I have a person coming to service my boiler. I am not assuming but I live in hope. I hope he services me I have been without a man orr a woman for a long time. me betting on horses does not help. I am getting old.

Married man with gay sexual encounters last night

My wife’s out of town 2 weeks . So I went out to a local gay night club for a few drinks and I started to talk with a few really good looking guys. So towards the end of the night they asked me if I wanted to go back home with them . I was thinking about my wife being out of town for 2 weeks. So just smiled at them and I told them that I would... [more]

New Year’s Eve new construction

I had a house for rent 2 houses down from mine so I finally got it rented out. The new renters are 2 very good looking woman and they moved in a few days before New Year’s Eve. And on our block every year we have a big block party for the new year . So I invited them over to hang out and have some food and drinks and meet their new neighbors . My... [more]

Man for man looking for long fat cock

I’m a white man that’s looking for a nice fat long dick to suck on and maybe take it up my tight ass that’s never had a cock inside of my ass before . I want to have a real man make me get down on my knees and tell me to suck his Dick now . Now take my soft dick inside your mouth and and suck it and make me get hard inside your mouth and be play... [more]

Man that loves sucking Dick

I really love to suck all sizes of dicks big fat short slim black white hispanic it doesn’t matter to me and long as he is able to last a long time with me sucking on his dick . I treat a mans dick like I am making love to it all he needs to do is just lay back and let me do what I need to give him the pleasures that he desires. I really love to... [more]



My wife brings home her coworkers for me to have sex with

My wife and I have been married for almost 15 years .
My wife’s desires are for me to have sexual desires with guys and girls all of the time I can. She will bring some of her co worker and her customers home with her to watch me have sex with them while she will be masturbating while I’m sucking on his hard dick or licking another woman’s pussy... [more]

I want to suck cock for the first time

I am 30 years old and as time passes I'm more and more curious about kneeling down and sucking a big fat uncut cock until it cums in my mouth. I never even touched another cock in my life besides my own and taking the first step is hard... Any advice?

With my friend ...

I am into gay activities since my teen years. Now I am always attracted to young butts. In my mid-50s I am more attracted to younger butts. My experience goes that young men in their 20s are very horny and I can feel that just watching their face! Thus I met this young man with nice ass cheeks, more like a chubby girl in the park sitting alone. We... [more]

An Awakening

I was awakened to the joy of cross dressing. It started in the summer of my 12th year. He was a handsome man who was very patient and loving with me. He taught me how to make love to a cock. He also taught me how to have a cock inside pussy as he called my ass. I would get so hot tasting his juices that I just wanted him to fuck me forever.

Married man loves sucking Dick

I really enjoy sucking on another mans soft cock and make him get hard in my mouth as I’m sucking on his dick . I love it even more when his balls are shaved clean of any hair so I can suck on his balls also I really love it when he smacks me in my face with his hard dick . While I’m sucking on his hard cock I wake sure to look into this eyes to... [more]

You guys that suck cock..

What do you do a about STD’s? I want to suck a cock real bad, but fear bring a std back to my wife.. I don’t want to use a condom..I want the cum.

I'm not very straight

I love to fuck my wife, I love women generally, but I really cum thinking about cock too much to be straight. If the opportunity arose where I could suck a big dick with my wife’s permission, I would jump at it.

Me and a Lady want to have a 3some

I have a lady friend who wants a 3some with me and another guy, but she wants a guy that is bi or happy to play both ways.
I've never had a 3some or any sexual contact with a male, my friend wants to me to fuck her and she wants me to get sucked off by a guy and for me to suck his cock. It will turn her seeing me with a cock in my mouth and him... [more]

Fuck My Ass

I've been wanting a cock to suck on and then in my ass. I've never sucked a cock and never had a anything except a woman's tongue and a finger from her in my butt. I want man meat in my mouth and up my well lubed virgin ass.
You bring the cock I'll bring the lube, my mouth and ass.
I live in the UK Bristol, so if there's anyone local please... [more]

I lied and hide who I was to get married

I told her I was a man, I'm no man I feel totally female and I love cock, big cocks. I do not like sex with any woman. Whenever she left me and my best friend alone then I become a woman and we begin to kiss and play with each other. If we have time then he makes love with me if not my mouth makes love with his cock. We have been lovers for a... [more]

Bisexual married man

I really love having the best of both worlds! I love to be able to have sexual encounters with a woman or a man I really would enjoy being with both sex’s at the same time.
I love being on my knees in front of them . I don’t care if they are a woman or a man or a transgender they all have what I want to be in front of me so I can go down on them... [more]

Man that wants to suck a fat hard cock

I’m a man that has always loved sucking on a nice hard fat cock . I really enjoy having a soft cock inside of my mouth and feel it getting hard in my mouth . When he’s nice and hard I start to play with his cock . I’ll pull it out of my mouth and lick his cock like a lollipop from the fat head of his cock all the way down to his balls . I’ll suck... [more]

Warning to people who find people online to hook up with

Last week my old school friend went to meet a guy that he found on a online dating website . So when he went to the guys house he called the guy and told him that my friend was outside . So the guy told my friend that the door is unlocked to come inside and join him in the bedroom!
So just as my friend walked in the door someone slammed the door... [more]

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