The Sales Clerk's reaction was priceless!

A little more than ten years ago, my husband's former work colleague, Beth, called and needed help setting up her home wi-fi network. She had been divorced for several years and had just moved into her new house.

Since she lived in a neighboring city (about a two hour drive), we decided to make a social call out of it and maybe catch up at one of our favorite restaurants there.

As soon as we got to Beth's house, my husband put together his shopping list of equipment and supplies needed and the three of us hit the local Office Depot. I came along and shopped for some stationery while they picked out the equipment needed for the job at hand.

Since I was still browsing in the writing paper section when they were ready to check out, I said "go on ahead, and I'll catch up". A few minutes later, as I approached the sales clerk, her eyes were big as saucers, and her mouth was wide open! (as if she had seen a ghost!)

She had no idea the three of us came to Office Depot together, and when I asked her if everything was OK, she said, "I thought that couple in front of you was married by their familiar bantering back and forth."

The sales clerk then lowered her voice, and motioned for me to get closer, and then said, "When I asked the two of them, how long they had been married, the lady leaned forward, looked me straight in the eye, and said, "no, he's not my husband.....he just watches me and his wife have sex".

I then smiled, kept my voice low, leaned in a little closer, and said to the clerk, "actually, she is correct, we do let him watch."  I then winked, and walked off with a big grin on my face. I don't know if I made her day, but she sure made mine!

11 months ago

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