Im a cuck

So i like to watch my girlfriend get fucked. We had been together for 4 years when i kicked her out. I dont remember why but we had a habit of breaking up for a few hours, days, weeks n then getting back together. Well apparently my long time best friend offered her a place to stay. He certainly isnt the type to move in on someones girl ot any girl gor that matter. Noy exaxtly a ladies man. He had plenty of room so not like they had to sleep in same bed or anything either. So she stayed there which i knew she was and we regualarly txt as always in these situations. Hashing shit out n figuring out what we gotta do to get back together. Well once she moved in i didnt hear from my friend anymore. I never txtd him but he would always txt me often. Well after a few weeks she came back and everything was fine. Well about a week later i get a call from my friend and i immeidiately get a bad feeling. He says we need to talk. So i meet him and he proceeds to tell me that they were in a relationship while she was there and had slept together. Technically is wasnt cheating but i was still pissed off at the betrayel by both. So knowing she isnt gonna tell the truth without proof i have my friend come with me now to go confront her. We get to my house n go in and go up to my bedroom where she is at. I start yelling at her questioning her, she denies everything, he calls bullshit. Well finally she admits it and were all talking and shes apologizing to me and hes yelling her what the fuck u were telling me different shit n what not and i keep saying if u want to fuck him so bad then fuck him i dont care fuck you blah blah blah. Im bigger than my friend. Well i start getting pissed again and i grab him and unzip his pants and pull his cock out. Well not only was that asshole was half hard but he was very big. I yell is this what u want?! She's sitting on edge of bed and i force him closer basically putting his half hard cock in her face. She's half cryin (faking im sure) sayin no she loves me and shit. I told her if she wanted me to stay with her she had to touch his dick so i had visual proof that shes a piece of shit. Hes also bitching trying to get out of it like what am i doing. Well she finally touches it real quick n says there happy and i say fuck you i bet u touched it longer when u werr down there and grabbed her hand and put it on his dick n started stroking. I kept my hand on hers for a minute so she couldnt stop until i was satisfied. Well oddly i was not getting satisfied. What seemed like had been forever i didnt even realized i had let go of her hand but she was still stroking. At this point i noticed he was fully hard and enjoying it. I was getting hard too tho. Then out of nowhere its like they both noticed this was going on too long and jumped and stopped n looked like whoa what fo we do now. Well luckily for them i was under some spell or something and didnt want it to stop. I said to her u wanna suck it dont u? She said no omg. I said he clearly likes it he's hard as a rock and i can tell u do so do it. He hadnt backed up at all so his fully hard dick was basically twitching inches from her face. I grabbed her head and guided it towards his dick and before i could get her there she had already moved herself to get it in her mouth. My friend let out a soft moan as his dick slid across my girlfriends tongue. God it barely fit her mouth i couldnt believe it. Twice as big as mine and mine is pretty decent. I has precum dripping down my leg so i kno he had to b feeling good but i wasnt close to wanting it over yet. I told him i want u to lick her pussy and started pulling her pants down. Neither stopped me or said anything. She kicked her pants off n pulled her panties off and laid back on the bed. Getting a little ahead of himself he pulled his pants off and knelt down. He hesitated for a second n then dove right in. She gets off very easy and alot so i knew what was coming. He slurped all over her pussy lips and she was moaning and then i hear her start to gasp for air and i knew it was here. She started squirting strait into his mouth. I finally pulled my dick out n started stroking. She started saying his name as he swallowed her juices. I was ready to explode. I dont even kno what i was doing. Then out of nowhere without even acknowledging me she tell him "i want u inside me". And without hesitation, like i wasnt even there, he crawled on top of her and forced his large member inside of my womans pussy. She gasped as his size took her breathe away. I jerked my dick furiously. Watching my girlfriend take another mans dick was so fucking hot. Especially one so big. If i didnt kno better i swear it was bulging in her stomach. The sound of her squirting trying to fit past his tight squeeze. She finally made eye contact with me and its like we had an unspoken bond. Just then he said he was gonna cum soon and started pounding her so deep. He kept saying how good her pussy was. She said pull out im not on birth control. He said no im blowing inside u. She said no ill get pregnant! He said good i want u to have my baby. And a complete 180 she said mmmm give it to me daddy. That was it for him cuz he yelled omg im gonna blow it deep in your guts as he thrust all of himself into her soaking hole and blew his load strait into her womb. I was yelling at her to take it u dirty slut and i got above her face and stroked my load all over her face as i told him to fill my girls pussy with his seed. As he pulled out i told him to stick it in her mouth so she could lick it clean and i moved down to her pussy which was gaping open and started licking her lips as his massive load poured back out of her into my mouth. Then she told me to kiss her. I suvked up as much of his load as i could and leaned up and kissed her. Swapping his cum between us. Leave comments if u want part 2

2 months ago


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    • Yes part 2 please

    • Hey thanks for responding. Ill have part 2 up for u by tmrw night then

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