Not so accidental accident

Ages ago I had a married female coworker that shared the same last name as me. From the start we called each other our work wife and work husband. After we had worked together for some years an opportunity arose that I foolishly chose to risk too much.

We had to go to a conference, and I was to make reservations for our group. While I was on the phone the agent misheard me and put us in the same room, assuming we were a couple. I could have but didn't correct her. I even asked for one bed for that room. I knew I shouldn't have and may get fired, or worse when outed.

When we arrived, she was next to me when I checked in. She could have stopped me, made a scene or at least corrected the Desk clerk. She just looked at me. The hotel was not full. She wordlessly followed me into OUR room.

When she saw the single bed, she laughed out loud and accused me of setting this up. My poker face failed me, and I confessed. I offered to go back downstairs and get a separate room if she insisted. She shook her head and said she didn't think I had the balls to do this, but she was glad I did.

Unbeknownst to me, her husband had asked her to stray at least once while she was gone. I unwittingly made the assignment easy to accomplish. We made a sex tape for her to bring home to her husband.

We treated the time alone like a honeymoon. We had to be careful while in public at the convention as we knew a lot of people there and some knew our spouses.

When we got back, we went back to normal, save our shared smirks and knowing smiles. She left the company a year later when they moved away.

Feb 17


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    • Wooow. I wish more people had the balls to pull stunts like this

    • HOT HOT HOT! I'd love it if that happened to me. I know my husband wouldn't have minded either

    • That was pretty ballsy. But a good move

    • That is sexy!

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