Not sure what to think

My best friend and I got in a huge argument about something stupid. The result was that her and her husband stopped coming over , so my husband also lost a friend. I decided to go over to her house and try to work things out. I was actually very surprised in the immediate hug and crying and appoligizing the second she opened her door. So of course I went in and appoligized as well. Her idea was to get changed really quick and the two of us could go out for a mid afternoon drink or something. I followed her into the bedroom where she started digging in her closet. Putting a cute outfit on the bed beside me. As I picked it up she undressed . She was naked standing only a couple feet away when she said I bet it would look even better on you. I was like I don't know. She convinced me to undress and try it on. She put a robe around herself as I undressed. It was a beautiful little outfit but because I was wearing a bra it just looked funny. So she undid the top and took my bra off. Her left hand was on my stomach as I stood there with my breasts out trying to get the top back on. Her hand slowly slid down to were my vagina was. I looked at her and stopped. She was looking at me it was like we were both frozen. She leaned forward to kiss me I let her soon her robe was on the floor and she was removing the clothes I still had on. Once I was naked we got on the bed kissing laying beside each other and touching each other. She leaned up and went down to lick me, while lifting her leg over me and settling her vagina just over my face and mouth. this was the first time I had ever been with another woman. Licking each other or anything. Our friendship has grown to be so close and rare, we often make love to each other while our husbands are at work. I have wanted to tell mine but she insists we keep it a secret.

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  • Sarina russo left me so far behind I have to try to catch up on 15 years of her putting me down and putting me in her concentration camp abusing me. I had to see everyone advance above me so I hope that happens to her back. she cost me so much pain, I have no husband and no skills and no money. no investments, no insurance and no superannuation. she made me go without holidays for decades. and no children. poor health and I would like someone to hit that woman over the head! if ever someone should be blood sacrificed for her satanic craft it is her. I am in so much poverty because of this woman not willing to share. she taught me how to not be sure what to think.

  • Wow. That’s fantastic. Tread carefully but enjoy the ride. Especially when she’s got your wet pussy on her face. So jealous

  • Omg we are all over each other when ever we are alone. I can't believe how fast my confession was posted.

  • You and I both know you are full of shit

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