My boss caught me

I was working the first real job I ever had for about two years, I was a receptionist, clerk, coffee maker and message taker for a small heating and cooling repair business. During the day the whole building had just the owner and myself in it and when he went to run errands it was just me. We had very little walk in customers and when he left the front door was locked and a sign told everyone we will be back in an hour.
I was and always have been a very easily turned on woman, I can remember starting to masturbate at a very young age compared to other women I have asked that question. When I was in my late teens and early twenties it seemed like I could never get enough of it. When it was just me at work I often would slowly rub myself just in teasing sort of way getting myself very turned on.
One day I was probably alone about twenty minutes and one of my urges came on to play with myself, I figured my boss would be gone for at least another half hour or more so I pulled my skirt up above my thighs and slid a finger or two right inside my underwear. I was rubbing away building myself up to an orgasm when suddenly I saw someone standing in the doorway to the office area, it was my boss. I pulled my hand out quickly and straightened right up in my chair, I had no idea what to say to him and he simply asked me if I needed any help finishing up. I could feel my face turning beet red from embarrassment and he then asked me if there was any messages. I told him no messages and apologized for having him witnessed me doing that to myself. He told me no apology needed and went into his office. I fully expected him to walk back out to me and hand me my last check then fire me.
Being the person that I am I just could not let it go, I felt like I had to really apologize when I calmed myself down some so I went into his office after about a half an hour and asked him to accept my apology for doing that and promise him it would never happen again. He smiled at me and told me God, I hope it happens again because that was the hottest thing I have seen in my life. He assured me that he was not mad at all and had no intention of firing me, he told me I was the best person he ever hired and I never had to be told to do anything twice. He added again at the end that he would love to walk in on me again and this time he would not stand in such an obvious place so I finished. I laughed a little bit and told him that I was still really embarrassed about it but he cut me off and told me that he could definitely see that I was embarrassed but really do not worry about it at all.
I think it was about two days later when he was going out to run errands again, I just sat there waiting for some masturbation remark from him but he was as cool as usual and just walked out. When he returned I noticed that he let the back door slam a little louder than usual which amazed me that I did not hear it the last time. I said hello to him when he walked into his office and he said hi back and then asked about messages as usual.
I sat there thinking to myself he is not married but I had no idea about a girlfriend, I did not have a boyfriend at the time so what would be wrong with going out with him other than he was probably forty years older than me. I got up and went to his door, he asked me what I needed and was very surprised when I asked him what he was doing after work today.
We dated for about a month and one evening he invited me over to his place, I had been waiting for him to do so and told him yes. We got into the house and it did not take long for us to start peeling our clothes off and I was amazed at his eagerness to pleasure me. I must have had three orgasms before I even got to really pleasure him at all. We went on for a few weeks just having fun and then one evening he asked me if I would repeat the office situation only this time after he watched me for a bit he wanted to come over and put his head between my legs and pleasure me. I told him sure and it was an awesome role play evening with him pleasuring me to new heights again.
We got married about two years later and his sex drive has never tapered off one bit, I have even given him a few surprises at work.

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  • I would love for an older woman to catch me playing with myself,if she stood there and smiled like she liked seeing me do it it might turn me on

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