Wife finally agreed

My wife and I have been married for 12 years, and our sex life has slowed to a 3x a month borefest. Not from either of our lack of desire, but we just have busy lives. My wife is 5'3 and had a big butt and huge boobs that are really amazing and are in good shape. We are both in our 40's and have kids at home.
I suggested that we begin to get more adventurous and my wife seemed to like the idea, but was kind of shy about the idea of another couple swap, but instead asked if we could just try something random and naughty .
My wife was going to do some grocery shopping and i asked to come along, which was something i do every now and again, but this time i asked her as we parked the car, if she was feeling like being adventurous. She giggled , and i knew that maybe we had something to work with here.
We shopped a bit and the whole time i was saying how sexy she is, and if she noticed all the men were checking her out. This seemed to get her in the mood, and then i suggested that we leave the store and go mess around..
When we got to the car, i gave her the biggest kiss in years, because i too was enjoying the mood, and when we got in the car she was giddy and excited. I kissed her some more feeling her boobs beneath her shirt and bra, and whispered that i wanted to see them, and she removed her top and bra and looked around asking me if i wanted to do it with her right there in the lot or if we were going to go somewhere she doesn't shop at 3× a week. That made sense, so i told her that i wished she was completely naked because i was so incredibly turned on it was crazy. She reached over and felt my stiffness smiling, and removed her pants and underwear. I opened my fly and let my unit out, put the car in drive and my once boring wife came to life in the best way ever.
She said, if i give you one real quick you have to make me have one . I need this honey.. she said. I am your fantasy today. And went down on me as i nearly drove into traffic.
I pulled into the adult bookstore parking lot right by a bunch of cars and my wife actually said that she loves the idea of getting something for the house and just as we stopped the car, my completely nude wife opened the door and walked into the shop about 40 seconds ahead of me, and i must admit, i was both turned on and nervous as hell.
My wife asked the clerk if there was a dress code, he smiled and looked at her nude body. No mamn. He said, and lifted his cellphone up and asked if she minded if he took a few pictures. My wife looked at me and winked.

24 days ago

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    • I love that your wife is one of those inner housewife sluts. If she is willing to parade nude in a bookstore I bet she would do a bunch more. My wife used to be a prude , but I always wanted to take her out and let her inner slut come out.

    • Send me pictures. Jerrybob1221@yahoo.com

    • I wanna fuck your wife's cunt while she sucks your cock until you cum in her mouth and I fill up her pussy with my hot cum

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