Don’t make my mistake

Can’t believe I’m missing good sex so much, the relationship I’m in now is amazing all but one thing, good sex.
My previous boyfriend really knew how to please me, can’t believe I’m saying this but he would caress my pussy with his fingers for ages, it was like being in a trance felt wonderful, he would then give me little kisses and as he kissed his way up to my face he would slid his cock into me, it felt amazing, I could have many little orgasms and when he had his orgasm omg.
I’m not even bothered about having sex will the guy I’m with now, I can do a better job on my own.
I know sex is not every thing in a relationship, but it plays a bigger part then you realise.

11 months ago

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    • My husband and I broke up two years ago and I miss sex with him. Sometimes I just wanted a quickie so it was in, cum and out. I loved the feeling of being used even though it was usually started by me, I felt such a slut! Our usual sex was much slower, he always took time to finger and tongue me before sliding in. He could last quite a time if he wanted and I always loved it when he speeded up, thrust deep and held it there as he spurted. I loved the feel of his cock twitching in me. Sadly, my sex since then has been nowhere near as good even though I'm happy with my man.

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