Really crazy Saturday

I opened my eyes on Sunday morning and did not immediately recognize the surroundings. I felt someone pressed against my back and had an arm around me, I started moving and realized after looking that it was my neighbor and her husband was on the other side of the bed sleeping. She opened her eyes and smiled at me saying "good morning."
She got up with me and asked if I wanted coffee, I was looking down at the clothes on the floor and remembered that all I wore to their house was a swimsuit under a beach cover up. I told her coffee sounds great then she handed me a long t-shirt and some shorts asking me if I wanted some sweats instead. My brain was still a little foggy from alcohol but it did not take much thinking to know I had a threesome with our neighbors.
She is a gorgeous woman with a figure men long for from her long toes right up to her blonde hair she does not have a single flaw. Her breasts are a firm D cup, nipples are always erect and she wears padded everything in public so she does not poke thru. Her legs and ass are truly amazing, firm and strong with a beautiful round curve to her cheeks. I on the other hand am not, I am five foot two to her five nine, my breasts are large but it is from being a milk machine, they are not firm, just full and heavy all the time with sore nipples. I have a scar on one of them from my son who decided one day to find out what those new teeth could really do. My hips are also full and my tummy spills over one of my other scars from an emergency C section. My husband tells me all the time that I am beautiful and at that moment I was wondering just where he was actually.
I had some coffee with her and we had some laughs about the evening and night before, she gave me a hug as I was leaving and then pressed her lips to mine and told me we definitely have to get together again soon. I walked out the door and headed over to our house wondering what to expect when I got there. The kids were at his parents house so no issues there as I walked thru the door, things looked pretty normal so I made my way up to our bedroom hoping I would be handle seeing who was possibly in our bed. I mean I really did not have much to say having woke up in a threesome. My legs and woman parts told me that I was pleasured a lot and I also knew that I had pleasured her as well. I did remember when her suit bottom came off how turned on I was that she was waxed and smooth.
I pushed the door open slowly and was surprised to see only my husband in bed snoring away, I now felt guilty wondering why I had ended up sleeping there without him. He would have not just left me there if he had participated in the sexual frenzy, maybe he did because I passed out, I really could not remember. I could not even remember her husband doing anything with me but I definitely had someone in me last night because I was still feeling it.
I grabbed some fresh clothes to put on after my shower and quietly made my way to it, once in there I stood in the hot water and tried to feel better. My head was hurting a bit now and I really needed to eat some breakfast so after I dressed that was my next goal.
My husband came down and joined me on the patio about two hours later, he smiled at me and asked how I was doing this morning. I told him much better with some breakfast and coffee in me and I asked how he was and slept last night. We talked about a few other things then I asked him if he knew what happened last night because things are kind of foggy for me but I do remember getting out of my swimwear with Kim and the two of us kissing. He laughed a bit and told me I was really into her last night for sure and watching the two of us play with each other was something incredible to see. I was trying to remember all of that but no luck so he gave me a quick run down trying to jog it but as I listened nothing was really coming back.
I was very into her right from the start, he told me I was hugging her and went straight up and began kissing her right out by the pool. The four of us decided to move it indoors, no clear decision here for sure. We all went upstairs to the their bedroom and from there it was just her and I pleasuring each other then the guys joined in for a bit swapping wives for something new to lick and taste. They then moved on to having sex with us as we reached over and played with each other, kissing now and then as well. Her and I began going down on each other again and he was really tired he said so he figured I would be fine sleeping right there and besides four in the bed would have been really crowded. So at least I had the quick version of what I did last night and I also enjoyed myself a lot.
So just an average mom here with more curves and fat than I want on me but I guess I still have fun now and then, maybe next time not so much drinking so I can remember more of it.

1 month ago

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