Confessed to my husband

We moved recently to another state and the subdivision has a great welcoming committee, I had never received such a thing from any other move over the years. We had decided that with this move and his new promotion I was going to be a stay at home so the timing of this reception was great and I made some new friends quickly.
One of those women had organized a walking and yoga group, she has this huge sunroom and outdoor patio at her house so it is perfect for the six or so of us to do yoga. She and I bonded pretty fast as we seemed to have the attitudes about things and foods were similar that we liked so quite often we would talk for an hour or more after everyone else had left. One morning after about a half an hour of it just being us she asked me if I wanted a massage, I asked her if she was kidding because I would love one. She told me that she was not actively doing it anymore because she was tired of going to a studio and did not want to do it out of her house. I told her sure, sounds great and she set up her table right in the sunroom.
She started with my legs and feet, she is awesome at it and I was melting under her touch. She worked her way up to my lower back and middle then suggested I take off my top so it was easier, I figured sure why not, I am sure she has seen plenty of women without a top on. I was wearing an all in one top so no bra to leave on and I let her pull it upwards then I finished getting it over my head and off.
She was working out muscle aches that I had for years and I was getting so relaxed by it and did not even think twice when she told me that the muscles in my buttocks are a big part of my lower back structure. Her hands had already been on my rear end thru the fabric so I did not hesitate at all when she put a towel over me and slid my shorts right off along with my underwear. I just laid there with my eyes closed getting one of the best massages of my life never realizing that she was getting very turned on caressing my body.
She had been going for about half an hour now and I felt her hands massage both sides of my buttocks and spread them out quite a bit. It was either her thumb or finger that slid right across my anus and kept on going upward finishing off in my lower back, she made this move about five times and I was getting the clue that this was more than just a massage. I was so relaxed though that I just let it go and wondered how far she would go if I gave her more access. I slowly spread my feet apart as she pushed against my rear and back until I felt my feet on the edges of the table pad. She kept up the motions and I could feel the lips of my vagina spreading slightly as she pushed her hands right up my lower buttocks and into my lower back. She asked me how I was feeling and I told her that she was a goddess with her hands, she took this as a sign that I was totally okay with everything she was touching.
She continued for a few more dozen pushes then with one hand she boldly slide it right over my anus and down onto my lips, I responded by tilting my hips up so her fingers would hit right on my clit. She told me to relax and left the side of the table for a moment telling me she had the perfect pad for hips to rest on, she told me to lift my center up and she slid it under me. It really was perfect and she went right back to massaging my vagina, her fingers were amazing, I did not even masturbate this great with my own fingers. Soon I was breathing quickly and I know my legs were responding to her touch as well then she spoke and asked me to roll over, it was like I was hypnotized as I started my turn over. She pushed my knees to the edges and laid herself right between my thighs and when her tongue stroked my clit and lips I was gone. We made love to each other for about an hour then showered afterwards, I had never been so pleasured in my entire life not to mention pleasured another woman!
I got home and guilt hit me like a wall, the kids got home from school and I was like a zombie going thru the motions of the afternoon. My husband came home and kissed me as usual and it was like I had a light shining right on me because he asked me right away if I was feeling okay. I told him that I had a full day and it was just catching up with me. I guess it was about two days later and another shower session with Lisa that I started really feeling guilty and while we were sitting in bed reading I asked him if he had a minute. I started telling him how it happened the first time giving him details and he just had this smile on his face and I stopped and asked him why he looked so happy that I was getting massaged naked. He told me that he was hoping this story was going to end with her spreading my legs and massaging me to an orgasm. I sat there staring at him and asked him if he would be upset or mad at me if that is what happened, he sat up and faced me then told me to not leave out a single detail about it. When I was finished he was so turned on he started working his way into my sleepwear, I did not resist at all and soon I was naked with him between my legs now and pleasuring me.
He was in the middle of getting me to orgasm and I asked him again if he was not mad about this at all, I told him that we did not do it everyday or anything but I really wanted to know how he felt about it. He looked at me from between my legs and told me that he loved it and if I was ever up for letting him watch the two of us together he would be ecstatic. He told me that it was one of his biggest fantasies to watch me with another woman but never figured in a million years I would go for it.
So for now I am a really happy bi sexual woman but I have not told Lisa that my husband knows and I made my husband swear to me that he would not tell a sole about it.


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  • Better not tell a sole,those things are shy,they'll just disappear on ya!

  • Such a very lucky girl, keep it up sweetie.

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