Victoria's Secret

VS must be trying to kill off the company. First they started using fat women as models, then they jacked the prices up on all the items, and now they have brought in Megan Rapinoe (the dyke feminist who hates men) to finish killing the company. Who the fuck do they think are their major customers?? It's mostly men buying shit for their women. My wife doesn't buy anything from VS, I am the one who picks out her bras and panties and lingerie and bikinis, not her. And most other women we know don't pick out their shit neither, it's their husbands. And I'm sorry, but we don't want to see a bunch of fat women as models. I don't mind a few curves on women, but VS has gone to fat women. The reason they jacked their prices up already is because they're losing customers, well get ready to lose several more. None of us are buying from VS as long as they're in bed with that dyke fucking bitch megan rapinoe.

1 month ago

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    • Victoria's Secret is...that she's a DUDE

    • What about Megan Markle?

    • Huh? Is shoe trans?

    • That ugly useless worthless cunt? What about her?

    • She can fit a whole wombat in her vagina! True story. Of course now she has like six dead wombats up there.

    • They already have money problems. That's why they separated it from its parent company. Only time parent companies do that is when they are getting ready to dump it and close the doors on it. VS will be out of business within the next year.

    • 100% RIGHT !!
      Do they really think they’re so important to the panty world they can tell all of us to pay high prices for their shity products and not have the attraction that gets us there.
      The malls are empty because of Chinese COVID-19 and guess what ? We all got used to shopping for deals on line.
      Fuck them and the woke folks running that mess.

    • "Chinese Covid"? Please, your point carries no weight if you reveal yourself to be ignorant.

    • What dump fuck. Didn’t come from China

    • Chinese COVID ? It did come from China. You must have your liberal head in the sand.
      It would be a good idea for you to read some unbiased news if you know how to.

    • You dumb fuck! Where did Covid-19 come from? China Thats where! Not blaming the Chinese people, but the Chinese government! It came from a lab! No doubt about that!

    • CHING CHONG BING BONG we rikey covid we give it #6 with eggroll!

    • These jokers want to play politics instead of selling their product. Just like Nike, Dicks, and others. Then they can't understand why profits and stock prices are down.

    • Agree totally, particularly about the soccer bitch. I guess next we'll start to see trans models with bulges. Suddenly I need to vomit. Such slag heaps. Put them all in their own catalog . . . . see how much business they generate. Rappinoe is a horrid shrew and she needs to STFU. Jeezum.

    • Victoria's Secret all ready has trans models!

    • OMMFG!!! I would love to see that!!!!!! I would love to have a heavy-heavy-heavy-hung trans girlfriend and be able to buy her specialty itemsmade just for her freaky nasty tastes!!!!

    • It's true. Her name is Valentina Sampaio, and she is unbelievably beautiful! She was already in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. I think she's Brazilian. She is sexy as all hell.

    • And has a dick. Faggot

    • As beautiful as she is, I would do to her WHATEVER she wanted me to do. And if she has a dick, YES --- I would take VERY good care of it for as long as she wanted me to. I would keep her happy. And I would keep her dick happy, too. Have you seen this girl??!? If she has a dick, that thing MUST be beautiful!!!

    • Sorry to disappoint you fags but she had her dick cut into a fake vagina!

    • It is so they can sell to all the fat fucking crossdressers!

    • Well-said, homes!

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