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I posted an ad looking for any woman that wanted to be pleasured, gave a few scenarios like single mom who has no time for a boyfriend and just needs to be taken care of for a day. Older woman with no time for a man but wants to be pleasured, basically a sex slave for the night. I have placed ads like this for several months without much success then one day my inbox has an interesting response. It read she was a single mom, curvy, and wanted to be taken care of for a day and dinner made for her, she went on to describe a few other things and I replied to her asking her to give me a day she wanted this done.
I showed up and took her to a spa appointment booked for her, picked her up two hours later and we went shopping, I just hoped that she would keep it real and not take to advantage of it. She did and looked amazing in her new dress and shoes. I took her back to her house and told her to call me when she was ready to go to dinner, she looked at me and said "Give me twenty minutes".
I found a place for dinner and we had a great time over some wine and great food then a little dancing. She told me somewhere in there that this was the best time she has had in about six years. We got back to her house and she stalled out at the door, told me she just did not feel right having a one night stand with me. She told me she was sorry and asked how much she owed me for the clothes, I smiled at her and told her nothing, I told you I would give you a day and that is what you deserved. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and started towards my car trying not to look back because I was a little mad but told myself I should have seen this coming. I started up my car and had just started putting it into reverse when I saw her coming towards the passenger window. She was motioning for me to roll it down as she stopped, she leaned down into it and was smiling at me, she looked around for a second then slid her dress sideways letting her tits fall down. She looked at me and said "You are a really nice guy because you were really going to leave and not push me". She slid her dress back over her tits and told me to come back to the house, we walked in the front door and she walked right out of her dress. I followed her back towards what I assumed was her bedroom as she kept removing her clothes leaving a trail of stuff behind her. She laid down on her bed and I began kissing every inch of her and gave her an orgasm before I even took off my pants, we ended with her on top of me for yet another orgasm. She collapsed down on top of me breathing heavy and telling me that I was fucking amazing as I continued to pump my cock into her.
I woke up around 430 am and she was on the other side of the bed as I slowly crept my way around picking up clothes and making my way to her living room to get dressed. I found some note paper and gave her my number and told her anytime you want to do this again just call me. We have gone out about three times now and I cannot believe I met this wonderful woman on a hook up site.

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