Super bowl party girl

Thanks for all the great comments on my pre post for the Super Bowl party and to answer a few of the questions.
1. Yes my husband was part of the festivities, we organized it.
2. Yes I enjoy sex a lot!!
We organized a party for the big game but it was put out by my husband as a man cave event and sure enough no women came to the party. My husband is in his fifties and I am mid forties with a large sex drive that has not let up since college. We have safe sex parties a few times a year with some other couples in our area but the party this year was going to be all about me being the center of attention. I must say that group sex is not for everyone but this is also not a gang bang type of thing where the men just treat me like a whore. Once we were sure no other women were showing up, we were not worried about it to much since only one of the guys is married anyways. Six guys were invited but only four showed up, my husband was sure to tell them that there was going to be some really fun entertainment at half time that would include a naked woman.
I greeted all of them as they walked thru the house to get down to the man cave, which is a finished basement with a huge tv and entertainment sound system. I was dressed normally wearing blue jeans and one of the team jerseys I have, I think only one guy noticed that I was not wearing a bra but they were all looking forward to the party. There was only one guy who was at our last party but I think he did not tell anyone about it because he was the only one who greeted me with a lot of touching.
They were all downstairs and I went back to the bedroom to get rid of my jeans and panties, the jersey comes down to about my knees but is very flowing on my body. When I bend over it pretty much exposes me right up to the bottom of my rear end. I showed up downstairs to watch the kick off and all the guys were eyeing me right away noticing that I was sans pants now. I sat down with them and watched the game for about ten minutes then decided it was really time to get the party started. I stood up and asked who wanted a blow job, my husbands hand shot up along with all but one of them who was looking a little confused. I picked a guy and off we went to the spare bedroom downstairs.
I walked in and lifted the jersey over my head, kneeled down and started undoing his pants. He helped me to quickly get him out and just like that the party was going. I was sucking away on him and he leaned down a few times to touch my breasts but I pushed his hands away telling him there would be plenty of time for that later. I sucked and swallowed him down then walked out with him to grab another one. The all understood now that I would walk out and pick them out then go back to the bedroom so after all of them were satisfied once I walked upstairs to get some more refreshment, shot of something and some water.
I came back downstairs with about five minutes to half time and all of them were getting a great look at me. My husband reached over and caressed one of my nipples, I was standing next to his chair and getting ready for the half time show. We watched about two minutes of it then my husband grabbed my hand and took me back to the bedroom, he wanted to be the first one to go down on me and did just that when we got to the room. He was between my legs when I felt the bed sinking down next to me, it was one of the guys leaning down to give my nipples some attention. My husband got up and walked out while the other guy moved down between my legs and that is how the half time show went with at times two of them pleasuring me and me sucking some of them as well again.
I walked out of the bedroom about an hour later having had numerous orgasms and asked all of them if they were having a great time at the party. They all told me yes and I told them that I was having a great time as well. I stood there without any clothes on right behind the couch with two of them sitting on it. After a few minutes one of them got up and walked around behind the couch, he began caressing my breasts from behind and I started walking back to the bedroom with him. He went down on me again and licked me for quite some time giving me two spectacular orgasms. He got up and asked me if he could enter me from behind so I turned around and went to the end of the bed. He put his hands on my hips and started strongly pumping in and out of me, I loved all of it and he was above average in size so it was feeling really good. I looked over and saw my husband watching from the doorway, he always likes to watch me having sex. I gave him a sign to come on in and he climbed up on the bed, I sucked on him while the other guy was going to town behind me.
I had such a great time having sex that I could not even tell you how many orgasms I had but it was a bunch for sure. After the game we all laughed and most of the guys left but my husband had asked one of them to stay later. He had something in mind for me but I had no idea until he asked me about it towards the end of the game. He wanted to let this guy do whatever he wanted with me within reason of course but no condoms, no limits just to see what he would come up with for me. I was thinking that sort of already happened today but told him sure sounds like fun.
My husband and the guy went out to our garage while I was doing a little clean up and when they came back inside my husband went upstairs. His friend came inside after a few minutes and asked me to turn around. I was getting really excited as a blindfold came around my eyes and was secured. I was led upstairs and put on my bed, I felt my ankle getting pulled a little then tightly bound. He pulled my leg over and secured it to a bed corner then the same was done with my other ankle and wrists. I was really excited now because it had been a few years since my last bondage experience and now I was totally bound down to the bed and had no clue what was about to happen.
He started tickling me which for me is like torture, I am so ticklish that even constant nipple caressing can make me squirm and laugh a lot. My feet are the worse and I have wet underwear in the past when tickled to much. I was begging him to stop but he was relentless with roaming his fingers all over me watching me try to get away to no avail.
I was completely out of breath and probably red faced from all the laughing when I suddenly felt his tongue lickign my clit and surronding area. He pleasured me thru two orgasms then started untieing me but it was just to change up my position, when he finished with me I was tied to the end of the bed board in a position to suck. I was really enjoying this a lot, he began running his fingers over my lips and I opened my mouth letting him rub all around them and onto my tongue and that is when I felt a little pressure. My mouth was being propped open, it was not a lot but it was as wide as I wanted it to be. I had been put on my knees for this in the past but never had my mouth propped open, I was excited and scared all at the same time hoping I would not be gagged by it. I knew if I protested though he would stop so I just sat there waiting. He grabbed my hair a few times but never entered my mouth, instead he was groping my body and fingering me then putting my wetness on my tongue to taste myself. Then it finally came, his cock started into my mouth and he stopped before the back of my throat, he held my head while he pumped in and out a few times then pulled out to give me a break, when this happened I felt saliva dripping onto my breasts, he lowered my head making more run out and down me. He pumped in and out of me more and did the same thing, I knew my husband was watching all of this and probably videoing it. I played along and drooled down more when he pulled out. He kept this up for some time then pulled out for the last time as I felt the warm sperm hitting my face and mouth, I used my tongue to push out what I could making it run down my face. He let go of my hair and I was left alone for quite a few minutes after hearing some movement around the room. I figured he was leaving and then I heard foot steps come into the room, I knew he was standing right in front of me then I felt his fingers grip my hair, I moaned out with excitement as I felt his cock slide into my mouth. This was my husband because he knew how much I could take of his cock and he touched off on the back of my throat a few times gagging me, I felt the wetness sliding down me. He would stop and play with me, pulling on my nipples and fingering me roughly and watching me drool. He finally came doing the same thing to me with his sperm.
I had one of the best days of my sex life and I hope next years party is just as good. I am thinking about being tied up with the mouth ring in for the first round of blow jobs. I hope you all enjoyed reading this and I am sure I left out a few things that happened but I have to say that I have not been pleasured like that in a while and it was totally enjoyable.

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