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I’m a mid 40s American woman. I’m a bit insecure about my body after two kids and aging but I do still tend to get attention from men, especially older men. Last night I was/am in a hotel a few hours from home. I came with some friends to a concert last night. Well this very attractive older man was showing me lots of attention, add the drinks and I was beyond flattered. He’d clearly done this before as he knew exactly what to say and despite my words saying otherwise, he knew I wanted him. I went to his room with him eagerly. But here’s the kicker, once we got into the heat of everything, I heard the door open and someone came in. He didn’t even acknowledge even as I mentioned it. Turns out it was his wife. Furthermore she knew he was with me and took her clothes off and crawled in bed with us. She was as attractive as him and I was confused aroused and a bit mystified. It was not the night I was expecting, they gave me pleasure like I’d never experienced. The highlight was her pleasuring me while I pleasured him. As I lay in my hotel bed alone this morning I find myself feeling guilty about cheating on my husband, but very satisfied and thinking about a new possible interest in my life. I’m just a bit confused

Apr 17

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    • FMF sex is incredible!!

      If your husband is a great lover don’t get involved with other men as that will just complicate life.

      But if you enjoyed the wife pleasuring you as you serviced her hubby find a young lady who you and your husband could enjoy.

      Trust me if you found that being eaten clean by the wife while sucking her her husband is amazing. You have to flip the tables It’s even better eating you husbands cum and watching him lustily pound another woman

    • How would your husband perceive this? I would be fine with it, others may not be. I've told my lovely wife on many occasions od be ok with her strpping out as long as she came home to me. Ask him what he'd think without maybe telling him it already happened. It may open up a whole new world. My wife does not seem to want this but she knows it'd be ok if she did. Id want to know details and possibly be there to watch and possibly join in if given the opportunity. Good luck and glad you enjoyed yourself.

    • Did she tongue fuck your fart box ?

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